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Thorough tips and guides about Budapest’s „must see” tourist attractions, spas, culture, sporting opportunities, etc.

Michael Jackson Memorial Tree Budapest

The Michael Jackson Memorial Tree stands in one of the most popular parks in Budapest, at Erzsébet tér (Elizabeth Square), which is one of the favorite leisure places of foreigners and young people in Budapest.

Best outdoor places for a good run in Budapest

We have collected the best and most beautiful outdoor running tracks for you. They are all located in the heart of Budapest, so you won’t have to travel too far for your training. Put on your running shoes and let’s…

Margaret Bridge (Margit-híd) in Budapest by sunset

Margaret Island Magic: Budapest’s Urban Oasis Explored

There is a reason that Margaret Island is one of the favorite green islands of the locals. This place offers relaxation, sports, eating and recreation facilities in the middle of the city. It is worth discovering it thoroughly because every…

Exterior shot of the Grand Hotel Budapest

The Budapest Grand Hotel – Is it real or fake?

What exactly did you expect when you searched on the Budapest Grand Hotel? Were you looking for the movie released in 2014? Or were you looking for overnight accommodation in Budapest? If you wanted to stay in the mysterious Budapest…

Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival Budapest

Sziget Festival is one of the biggest European music festivals with hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Budapest hotels with history

 Hotels with history: Spend a night soaking in the history of Budapest while staying in rooms that have witnessed revolution, war, and renewal.

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