Restaurant in Hungary


From Michelin-starred restaurant to a simple „lángos” foodtruck (buffet), from wine tasting to dessert specialties – here are our restaurant offers.

Food truck in Budapest

The best street food in Budapest and where to taste them

From the locals’ favorite, the puffy deep-fried dough ‘lángos’ to the sugar hit chimney cake ‘kürtőskalács’ and its extravagant variants, we’ve collected the tastiest Hungarian delicacies you can grab while roaming the streets of the inner city.

Mammut from above

The twin mall of Budapest – Mammut Shopping Center

Relaxing, partying, sightseeing, and shopping – the four horsemen of tourist activities. When visiting Budapest, you can do all at full speed, so the hardest part is picking the right destinations and saving time for all of them. We’re here…

Silverline Cruise ship with Buda Castle in the background

Sail the Danube with Silverline Cruises

Whether you are looking for a sightseeing cruise or a romantic dinner on the Danube, Silverline Cruises in Budapest offers cruises across a wide price range to suit everyone.

The top 5 secret garden bars and restaurants in Budapest

For the summer season, we have collected the best secret garden cafés, restaurants, and bars so that you can spend the day in good company from morning till nightfall. It’s time to discover urban jungles, hidden backyards and restaurants.

Top Restaurants in Budapest

Budapest is a huge tourist attraction and its streets are flooded with people ready to explore local traditions, historical sites and museums, local architecture and, of course, the top restaurants in Budapest.