Budapest's Cafes


Are you a caffeine addict? Visit these places, when you visit Budapest!

New York Café Budapest – The Exclusive Venue in the City

If you fancy a gorgeous atmosphere, head for a coffee, immerse yourself in the memorable 19th-century coffee experience in the brilliant surroundings covered with gold and marble, fixed up with wood and crystal, where splendid scenery hangs around, with authentic…

Mammut from above

The twin mall of Budapest – Mammut Shopping Center

Relaxing, partying, sightseeing, and shopping – the four horsemen of tourist activities. When visiting Budapest, you can do all at full speed, so the hardest part is picking the right destinations and saving time for all of them. We’re here…

Szatyor: two types of unbridled fun

Szatyor Bár is the crown jewel of the hip establishments dotting Bartók Boulevard: with its ruin pub features combined with a posh café (known as “Hadik”), this place is something you must visit!