Parliament with Margit bridge
The Parliament of Hungary with the Margit bridge in the background

About Us

Welcome to JustBudapest, your one-stop, comprehensive guide to everything that the enchanting city of Budapest has to offer. Whether you are a resident or a traveler, our aim is to help you make the most of your time in the city, known for its diverse attractions and cultural richness.

Our Story

The story of JustBudapest began in 2018 when a group of like-minded, travel-loving Budapest locals decided to share their city’s charm with the world. We noticed that while Budapest was on the map for international tourists, there was no central hub for all the information they might need – a place to help plan and enrich their visit to this magnificent city. Thus, JustBudapest was born.

What We Do

JustBudapest serves as a free and comprehensive tourist information hub that offers detailed and up-to-date guidance about the city’s diverse attractions, from sightseeing and gastronomy to nightlife and outdoor activities.

Things To Do: Our extensive database covers Budapest’s most renowned landmarks, from the majestic Buda Castle to the scenic Danube river. With JustBudapest, you can find interesting historical facts, operational hours, entrance fees, and insider tips to make your visit truly unforgettable.

Food & Drink: Budapest is a culinary paradise. JustBudapest provides in-depth reviews and insights on local restaurants, cafes, and street food joints, helping you navigate the city’s vibrant food scene. We also offer a variety of traditional Hungarian recipes for those who want to bring a taste of Budapest into their homes.

Nightlife: Whether you’re into lively clubs, laid-back pubs, or cultural events, we’ve got you covered. Our nightlife guide offers detailed information about the city’s evening hotspots, upcoming events, concerts, festivals, and theater performances.

Outdoor Activities: From hiking in the Buda hills to thermal baths and cycling along the Danube, Budapest has something for every outdoor enthusiast. We offer a curated list of the city’s best outdoor adventures with all the necessary information to help you plan your trip.

Interactive Features

JustBudapest also enables users to store their favorite programs, write reviews, and share their experiences with the global community. Your insights can help other travelers design their perfect Budapest itinerary.

We’re constantly updating our database based on your reviews and the latest happenings in the city. This ensures that JustBudapest remains a dynamic and accurate source of information.

Our Promise

Our mission is to ensure that every visitor to Budapest, whether physical or virtual, experiences the city in all its glory. We are committed to maintaining the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our information while promoting sustainable and responsible tourism.

We hope that JustBudapest will inspire you, guide you, and help you fall in love with Budapest just as we have. Welcome to your journey through one of Europe’s most beautiful cities!

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