An old photo of Budapest


In these articles, you can get to know the history of Budapest in a little more detail, through its tourist attractions.

Budapest hotels with history

 Hotels with history: Spend a night soaking in the history of Budapest while staying in rooms that have witnessed revolution, war, and renewal.

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Read and learn more about the tragic and fantastic life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. She had been the warrior princess who helped the people in need

Hungarian Goulash Pepper

Hungary Pepper

If you are interested in the famous super spice the Hungarian pepper read this article and find out more about how to use it and where you can buy it.

The Hungarian flag

The Hungarian flag

How does the Hungarian flag look like? What does the flag of Hungary symbolize? When and how can it be used? Read the article for the answers.

Holocaust Memorial Center

Explore the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest and immerse yourself in the tragic history of the Hungarian Jewish community.

Shoes on the Danube Bank

Pest has some of the most dazzling monuments in the capital, however, there is one that is known not for its fancy architecture . The ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’ is a quiet memento of World War 2.

Erzsébet Bridge: A Stormy Past

In World War 2, as with the other bridges in Budapest, the original Erzsébet Bridge was destroyed.  However, unlike the other bridges, the original structure of Erzsébet Bridge was now totally beyond repair.