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Airport transfer, public transport, car, bicycle and scooter rental: everything you can use to move in the capital.

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Scooter renting in Budapest

Thanks to the slow but steady improvement on Budapest’s bike lane network, the number of scooter riders started increasing unnoticeably until they were suddenly everywhere. Today, scooters on the streets of Budapest are as common as bicycles, and with the…

Budapest from London

How to get to Budapest from London? What is the cheapest or the quickest way? Read and find out more including useful tips.

Is Budapest safe?

Is Budapest safe to visit? Do you have doubts if you should come to the capital of Hungary because of safety reasons? Read the article and you will have the answer.

Where is Hungary? - Hungary and its neighbours

Where is Hungary?

Where is Hungary? Have you ever wondered where Hungary is located, how you can get there and what you will find there? Read the article and find out more!


The Top 6 Airport Transfer Choices in Budapest

When you arrive in a foreignt country, you’re most probably happy that your flight is over and your feet can touch the ground again. However, before the fun could begin, you still have some tiresome logistics to take care of…

Budapest Airport Parking

Budapest Airport Parking

Liszt Ferenc Airport offers parking services to assure the safety of your vehicle. Read about the different type of parking places and their prices.

Budapest Airport Taxi

Budapest Airport Taxi

If you plan to go to Budapest, perhaps you don’t want to spend your time trying to make sense of complex public transport systems or lugging one heavy bag from one bus to another. To start with your Budapest adventure…

Segway Budapest

The tour around the city of Budapest can be quite a long and tedious... but not with a Segway! Explore the city with fun and ease!