Sending postcard from Budapest

How to send a postcard from Budapest? Where to buy postcards? Where can you buy stamps? Step-by-step guide to the mailing process, with pictures.


Sending a postcard from Budapest

Hungary’s beautiful capital, is not only a European cultural hub but also an ideal destination for tourists who want to share memories of their travels with loved ones back home. The city along the Danube River provides excellent material for postcards with its unique atmosphere, rich history, and stunning architecture, offering perfect glimpses and tastes of Budapest’s charm.

Sending postcards comes with numerous advantages that contribute to nurturing human connections and sharing travel experiences. These small gestures can leave a lasting impression and strengthen bonds over time.

Here are some reasons why sending postcards is worthwhile:

  1. Personal touch: A handwritten postcard is much more personal than an electronic message. The words written on the postcard, along with the signature and handwritten text, provide a unique and intimate form of communication expressing the sender’s care and attention.
  2. Lasting memory: Postcards are physical objects that can be kept, framed, or organized in albums. Many people collect postcards as souvenirs from different places and events, providing long-term joy.
  3. Sharing cultural experiences: By sending a postcard, the sender can share their travel experiences and the culture of the visited place. A beautiful postcard depicting a famous landmark or a scenic view can offer insight into another country or city.
  4. Gesture of attention: Taking the time to select a postcard, write a message, buy a stamp, and mail it is a clear indication that someone is thinking of their acquaintances or relatives back home.
  5. Relaxation: Writing postcards allows the sender to immerse themselves in memories and relive the experiences gained during the journey. It can be a pleasant activity that helps process and appreciate new experiences.
  6. Educational value: Postcards often contain brief information about the places depicted in the images, so they can be both beautiful and informative.
  7. Surprise factor: The arrival of a postcard is always a pleasant surprise, especially when the recipient is not expecting it. It can brighten up their day and provide a special, unexpected joy.

Steps for sending a postcard: The first step is to choose a postcard. In souvenir shops, you can find high-quality postcards featuring various sights and scenes from Budapest. In the city center, there are souvenir shops on almost every corner.

You can obtain better quality postcards from museum shops.

You can also purchase postcards at the Hungarian post office.

Hungarian Post office logo
Hungarian Post office logo

At the post office, you need to draw a number. It’s a good idea to switch to English. First, select the menu number 9, then 95.

Post office ticket dispenser menu 9
Post office ticket dispenser menu 9
Post office ticket dispenser menu 95
Post office ticket dispenser menu 95

You will receive a number to watch on the display to see which window you will be called to.

If you don’t have a postcard yet, you can buy it now, and you also need to purchase a stamp for it. It’s advisable to buy colorful stamps; otherwise, a simple machine stamp will be attached to the envelope.

Hungarian stamp red mal box
Hungarian stamp red mal box
Hungarian stamp white post car
Hungarian stamp whita post car

The normal rate: For Europe, the stamp costs 845 HUF (2.16 EUR), and outside Europe, it’s 975 HUF (2.5 EUR).

The next step is the most dear and important one. Fill out the postcard and address it accurately. Once you’re done with everything, simply drop it into the mailbox.

Postbox inside
Postbox inside
Postbox outside
Postbox outside

If you arrive at the post office with the postcard already filled out, you should choose the “levél feladás” (letter submission) menu, either below or above 5 letters.

Posting letter
Posting letter up to 5 or over

Similarly, it’s worth choosing stamps instead of machine stamping. In this case, the post office immediately takes the postcard, and there’s no need to drop it into the mailbox.

Sending package from Budapest

The easiest way to send a package from Budapest is at the post office.

You should choose the number three option from the ticket machine. It’s advisable to arrive with the package ready, securely packaged and correctly addressed.

International postal tariffs at post office:

Prices may vary, so it’s worth checking the post office’s website for current rates.

As it can be costly to bring packages on multiple flights, for European travel, it’s worth choosing the DPD courier service, where you can send a 30-kilogram package for a price of 10 euros. Delivery may take four to five days.

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