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Sending postcard from Budapest

How to send a postcard from Budapest? Where to buy postcards? Where can you buy stamps? Step-by-step guide to the mailing process, with pictures. Sending a postcard from Budapest Hungary’s beautiful capital, is not only a European cultural hub but…

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Scooter renting in Budapest

Thanks to the slow but steady improvement on Budapest’s bike lane network, the number of scooter riders started increasing unnoticeably until they were suddenly everywhere. Today, scooters on the streets of Budapest are as common as bicycles, and with the…

Stay connected during your visit with Budapest WiFi

Be always online in Budapest with Budapest Wi-Fi – a portable device that provides unlimited, fast, and secure mobile internet for up to 8 people Budapest is without question a city of a thousand wonders. Deciding what you’re going to…

Mammut from above

The twin mall of Budapest – Mammut Shopping Center

Relaxing, partying, sightseeing, and shopping – the four horsemen of tourist activities. When visiting Budapest, you can do all at full speed, so the hardest part is picking the right destinations and saving time for all of them. We’re here…

Széchenyi spa and pool

Top 9 sport and swimming pools in Budapest

Apart from being the city of baths, Budapest could easily be baptized as the city of swimming pools as well. With over 20 major pools and countless small ones, choosing one that fits your needs might seem daunting at first.

Formula One Hungary

Do you want to watch your favourite F1 team racing in Hungary in real life? Read the article and equip yourself with some useful tips about the Hungarian track.

The top 5 secret garden bars and restaurants in Budapest

For the summer season, we have collected the best secret garden cafés, restaurants, and bars so that you can spend the day in good company from morning till nightfall. It’s time to discover urban jungles, hidden backyards and restaurants.

Shoes on the Danube Bank

Pest has some of the most dazzling monuments in the capital, however, there is one that is known not for its fancy architecture . The ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’ is a quiet memento of World War 2.

The metro lines of Budapest

Like most capitals and metropolises, Budapest is equipped with a number of metro lines to help locals and tourists get around the city fast. In the case of the Hungarian capital, there are four metro lines to accommodate your transit…

Szatyor: two types of unbridled fun

Szatyor Bár is the crown jewel of the hip establishments dotting Bartók Boulevard: with its ruin pub features combined with a posh café (known as “Hadik”), this place is something you must visit!


Discover what Rácskert, one of the most popular ruin pubs has to offer: amazing food, interesting events, and a wide variety of drinks at a reasonable price.

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