Tourists admiring the city from above

Tourist attractions

The attractions of Budapest that it would be mistake to miss: monuments, bridges, churches, parks, etc.

Walking Tours in Budapest

Top 3 walks in Budapest

Budapest stands out for its wonderfully ‘gritty’ appeal – war-scarred and soot-covered buildings, artisan cafes and shops, and odd statues that spark our curiosity. It is not too modern or renovated for the 21st century, giving it that perfect vibe…

view from the castle

Buda Castle and the Castle District

Buda Castle is a true gem located in the 1st district of Budapest, and one of the most famous and iconic tourist attractions of Hungary. Both Buda Castle and the surrounding Castle District is jam-packed with historic buildings, architectural masterpieces…

Mini statues in Budapest

In quest of the popular mini-statues

Find all the 15 mini-statues and discover Budapest as you go! No one should go home without having taken a photo of these super exciting and lovely mini-compositions. But where are they?

Fishermen’s Bastion

Everything you need to know about Fishermen’s Bastion! See some interesting facts about one of the most famous landmarks and get all the information about it.

Budapest’s magnificent Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square is one of the most iconic and picturesque locations in Budapest. Thanks to the majestic, crescent-shaped monument complex on the square, called Millennium Monument (often also referred to as Heroes’ Square), it often appears on postcards all around…

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