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The featurism rules and tricks of Budapest, that make your stay more enjoyable and easy.

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Scooter renting in Budapest

Thanks to the slow but steady improvement on Budapest’s bike lane network, the number of scooter riders started increasing unnoticeably until they were suddenly everywhere. Today, scooters on the streets of Budapest are as common as bicycles, and with the…

Where is Budapest located?

Where is Budapest located? Are you planning a visit the capital of Hungary but you are not sure where to find it? Read the article and find out more!

Is Budapest safe?

Is Budapest safe to visit? Do you have doubts if you should come to the capital of Hungary because of safety reasons? Read the article and you will have the answer.

Hungary news

When you type Hungary news in the google do you get excited and do you want to know everything? We will show you all the different ways how you can get hold of the latest news on Hungary.

Capital of Hungary

The capital of Hungary is one of the most unique cities in Europe in terms of history, architecture and programs. Learn more about Budapest including useful tips.

Budapest Public Holidays

Everything that you wanted to know about Budapest Public Holidays. Learn more about these public holidays including dates, useful tips and did you know section.

Budapest from London

How to get to Budapest from London? What is the cheapest or the quickest way? Read and find out more including useful tips.

Where is Hungary? - Hungary and its neighbours

Where is Hungary?

Where is Hungary? Have you ever wondered where Hungary is located, how you can get there and what you will find there? Read the article and find out more!

The Budapest Song

Are you interested in Budapest lyrics by George Ezra? Would you like to know what the connection is between the city and the Budapest song?

Airplane in Hungary

Budapest Flight Time

Do you have a question about Budapest flight time? What should you do first when landing in Budapest? Read and find out more including useful tips for flying.

Shoes on the Danube Bank

Pest has some of the most dazzling monuments in the capital, however, there is one that is known not for its fancy architecture . The ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’ is a quiet memento of World War 2.

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