Beautiful Vienna from bird’s eye view
Beautiful Vienna from bird’s eye view

From Budapest to Vienna by train

The distance between Budapest and Vienna is only 215 km, which means a slightly two and a half hour traveling. 


The Hungarian Railway Company (MÁV) launches direct trains between the two capitals every two hours from Budapest Keleti railway station. At Keleti station there is the M2 and M4 subway intersection, so you can easily get here from almost every part of the city! The trains stop at Kelenföld station as well, then in Tatabánya, Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár and Hegyeshalom in Hungary. The trains arrive at Hauptbahnhof railway station, then go to Wien (Vienna) Meidling train station.

The platform of the train to Vienna
The platform of the train to Vienna

You can get to the downtown from Hauptbahnhof railway station by U1 subway (with one transfer). 13 trains run from Budapest to Vienna a day, from 5:40 a.m. until 20:40 p.m on weekdays, holidays and at the weekends as well, with no difference. On the line of ÖBB (the Austrian Railway Company) you can choose between EuroCity and RailJet.


If you have to leave your accomodation too early, you can use a baggage locker in the city or at the railway station.

When traveling from Budapest to Vienna, I usually travel by RailJet trains, the attached photos were taken there, too. On this train there are three types of classes, business, first, and second class. My favourite is the first class next to the business class, they can be found in the same car. The trains are really modern and clean! Good to know that you can travel on these trains without booking a seat, and sit anywhere, but if someone has a reservation for that seat, you have to give it up to them. Trains usually leave from platform 9 and it is worth arriving at the station at time!

Exterior of a RailJet train heading to Vienna
Exterior of a RailJet train heading to Vienna

Business, first, or second class?

The business class is with the highest level of comfort, which is actually the first class with extra services. You can buy a ticket for this class for a surcharge of €15 and please note that you cannot take any pets with you here.

Interior shot of a cabinet in business class
Interior shot of a cabinet in business class

In first class if two of you are traveling, it is worth reserving seats next to or opposite each other which come with a table!

Seats in the first class of RailJet train to Vienna
Seats in the first class of RailJet train to Vienna

In the second class there are seats with tables or without tables. I think it is better to choose seats that come with a table!

Seats of the second class on RailJet trains to Vienna
Seats of the second class on RailJet trains to Vienna

Put your baggages in the storage above your head if the bags are not too big! Separate storage space has been developed for larger bags, but be careful when using that, don’t let greater value in the bags, and if possible, check them sometimes!

Tickets from Budapest to Vienna by train

You can buy your tickets online or at the train station. At the train station you can get your ticket in the International Box Office next to platform 6, and online on the following website. It is worth checking out both of the websites because you can find different sales and discounts on them!


If you buy your tickets on the Hungarian website, you can only print them at the Hungarian Railway Station. When purchasing online, you will get a 10-digit code, which has to be entered into the ticket machine, that will print the tickets. This is the only way MÁV accepts tickets currently.If you buy ticket on the Austrian website, you will get them in pdf file which you can print anywhere, and so they will be accepted on the train.

The best price is €13 for a one-way ticket, the return tickets costs €26. These are provided by MÁV and are limited (as I know, there are 6 tickets per train) and can be purchased only on the spot. You can get SparDay tickets for direct trains from €13 for the second, and from €29 for the first class. The return ticket from Budapest to Vienna by train costs €42. That is mostly worth for those who stay in Budapest but would like to go on a quick trip to Vienna.

Seat reservation: €3, for Kálmán Imre Euronight car: €5, and for RailJet business class: €15.

Prices of standard tickets: €47 for second class,  and €75 for first class.

In short: you can go from Budapest to Vienna in the most quickly and comfortable way by train, choose one of the trains running every two hours and purchase your tickets as soon as possible!


Are there any discounts for children?
As I know it, a special euregio ticket can be purchased for children under the age of 14, but that may be available only for citizens of the European Union.
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