A bowl of Goulash Soup served with bread

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New York Café Budapest – The Exclusive Venue in the City

If you fancy a gorgeous atmosphere, head for a coffee, immerse yourself in the memorable 19th-century coffee experience in the brilliant surroundings covered with gold and marble, fixed up with wood and crystal, where splendid scenery hangs around, with authentic…

Interior shot of a grocery store in Hungary

Best places to buy your grocery in Budapest

With the spread of big supermarket chains, the range has become more uniform and you can buy the same brands and grocery everywhere in Europe, but if you look closely, you will be able to find local brands and products…

Food truck in Budapest

The best street food in Budapest and where to taste them

From the locals’ favorite, the puffy deep-fried dough ‘lángos’ to the sugar hit chimney cake ‘kürtőskalács’ and its extravagant variants, we’ve collected the tastiest Hungarian delicacies you can grab while roaming the streets of the inner city.

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