A well-know Hungarian dessert, dobostorta
A well-know Hungarian dessert, dobostorta

Hungarian Desserts – Taste The Awesome Food in the Country!


We love to eat, it doesn’t matter if it’s at home or in a restaurant and after the main meals it’s good to have a dessert. In Hungary and Budapest as well, visitors can taste traditional desserts. Bird’s milk (Madártej), sour cherry soup, the popular Pancakes are Strudel with several flavors, cottage cheese dumplings (túrógombóc) that can be launched as a main course or a special color of the completely unique cottage cheese stick (túró rudi) is the Hungarian tradition. Not to mention that, like goulash soup, most Hungarian desserts are already known or can be purchased outside in the country. In London, you can already get cottage cheese true this is obtained from us in the shops because the preparation is not an easy process. In addition, the sweets are produced in Mátészalka by the company Friesland-Campania. Chocolate sweet is reproduced and is accessible in many countries, but none of them approach the Hungarian brand.

Let’s enjoy the 6 best Hungarian traditional desserts!

Pöttyös , the famous Hungarian brand
Pöttyös , the famous Hungarian brand

1. (Bird’s milk) Madártej 

It may be weird but the birds can really give milk, however, this traditional dessert is not made from our winged „friends”. This special meal is a soft egg foam floating on vanilla custard.

Madártej served in small cups with whipped cream
Madártej served in small cups

What is the relation to birds? The texture of the egg foam mixed with the sweet, creamy custard is very pleasant itself.

2. (Sour cherry soup) Meggyleves

In the summer heat, the best in the cold and sweet soup composed of cherries, cream and sugar. Better than ice cream and more enjoyable. Cherry soup is a portion of great food in itself: fresh, astringent, creamy,a great alternative to traditional soups!

Meggyleves served with whipped cream
Meggyleves served with whipped cream

3. (Pancake) Palacsinta

The typical pancake is actually the Hungarian version of the French dish. Hortobágy meat pancakes are very beloved, among other things, which are filled with minced meat prepared as a stew, with a paprika-sour cream sauce on top; and the famous Gundel (traditional Budapest dessert), which is stuffed with ground walnuts, raisins, and rum, is poured on top of melted dark chocolate. Slightly thinner than its French meal; the pancake can be less torn when it has a rich filling in it (as we mentioned above).

Hungarian palacsinta, a popular dessert in Hungarian households
Hungarian palacsinta, a popular dessert in Hungarian households

4. (Strudel) Rétes

A special type of pastry into which as many fillings as possible (such as apples, cherries, or poppies) are put is sprinkled with icing sugar on top. A thick slice of strudel, a cup of good Hungarian coffee and we are okay until the afternoon. The traditional dessert can be eaten on any holiday. However, it is also an excellent choice as a classic cake!

Strudel filled with cottage cheese and berries
Strudel filled with cottage cheese and berries

5. Cottage cheese dumplings (Túrógombóc)

Boiled spheres made of sweet cottage cheese, which are rolled in toasted breadcrumbs and are usually served with vanilla sauce or sour cream and sugar. The cottage cheese dumplings are incredibly fascinating, which is also prominent as a regular meal or a pleasant dinner.

Cottage cheese dumplings served with powder sugar
Cottage cheese dumplings served with powder sugar

6. Cottage cheese stick (Túrórudi)

A dark chocolate bar filled with sweet cottage cheese already can be bought in different flavors or with jam filling. This traditional dessert is one of the most popular cottage cheese roles is the Hungarian “Pöttyös“, which is packed in special paper.

A dessert made out of cottage cheese sticks
A dessert made out of cottage cheese sticks

Top Budapest traditional desserts

The finest and most iconic foods make no difference in which part of the country they are eaten. However, if we look at popularity, it is clearly the capital that is the winner! Traditional dishes were created in the past and since then the original recipes have been continuously developed and modified, and the enthusiasm of confectioners remains unchanged. The diversity of ingredients and the harmony of taste that is gradually emerging. The base of the very delicious Somló dumplings is a soft sponge cake, which is supplemented with chocolate and vanilla cream, nuts and raisins.

Or the deservedly popular Rákóczi cottage cheese is fooled with apricot jam, soft white cheese and egg foam. And chocolate lovers will be delighted to taste Rigó Jancsi which made from all the chocolate, and we can’t forget about the traditional Hungarian zserbo

Great offer: 5 Excellent Hungarian Christmas desserts!

The most popular Christmas desserts in Hungary can be desired walnuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds), flour, butter or margarine, dried fruit, no powdered sugar, vanilla, and of course some homemade jam does not hurt if it is stored on the pantry shelf. Of course, it depends on the different habits who likes to eat them. However, everyone agrees that the most popular sweet of the holiday is Christmas candy (Szaloncukor). This is really unique and special, not to mention that the ingredients are constantly being improved and are available in different flavors.

Let’s look at our important and subjective choice which is the following:

  • Vanilla croissant (cookie),
  • Bejgli: The traditional poppy and walnut bejgli is so much part of Christmas cakes that many people can’t even imagine a holiday table without it. Not to mention that, at some houses by the bejgli made from fermented dough, which we could actually call cake,
  • Fruit bread: Fruit bread or „bishop bread” baked in venison or cake form with a dough enriched with raisins, nuts and other dried fruits is a great Christmas number one not only with us but in many countries around the world (Austria, Germany, Italy or Switzerland) is also beloved.
  • Zserbo: it’s not worth talking about this again, you just have to enjoy this special cake,
  • Tiramisu: The uncrowned king of Christmas desserts that can be made without baking is tiramisu, on its world-conquering journey from Italy. Before serving, it is advisable to put it together the day before, covered and rest in the fridge. Sponge cake (“babapiskóta”) and mascarpone can be bought well in advance and we have made with fresh coffee.

In addition to the above, you can taste several delicious Hungarian and traditional desserts by visiting one of the elegant bakeries in the country or in Budapest. With the exception of Christmas candy, as it is typically a celebration dessert, as it may be you can enjoy every cake. Not to mention that they are also on the menus of most Hungarian well-known restaurants. If you have several days to explore Budapest, it is worth taking some time for these as well.

Q & A

What is the name of the best Hungarian cottage cheese stick?
Túró Rudi
What are the traditional Hungarian Christmas desserts?
Bejgli, Vanilla cookie, Fruit bread, Tiramisu, Zserbó
Where can I taste the desserts?
In the bakeries and well-known restaurants.
Your experience is important.
Anything you have not found?

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