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Beginners Guide to Budapest

New to Budapest? Here are a couple of articles to get you started.

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Things to do

Budapest is so rich in culture, history and attractions that it is difficult to explore it deeply and thoroughly even in months. Unfortunately, average tourist holidays are much shorter than this, but we can help you: in the Things to do category, you can select the locations and programs you are interested in. You can explore the city’s rich spa culture, historical sights, sightseeing routes, art centers, museums and exhibition halls, sports facilities, shopping centers, etc.

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Things to do Topics

Food & Drinks

Those, who desire culinary delights or want immerse themselves in the city’s famously rich nightlife won’t be disappointed in Budapest. In our Food & Drinks topic, you will find the best restaurants with traditional Hungarian and international cuisine; the cafes and bars with a long history, the unique development of entertainment venues in Hungary: the ruin pubs (aka delerect pubs) ; concert venues in all styles and, of course, discos and party places as well.

Food & Drink Topics

City Guide

Every city has its own characteristics – Budapest is no exception. In this topic you will find all the information that will make your stay easy and safe here. How to choose an airport transfer? How does the public transport works? What is the national currency, where should you exchange money? Where can you go if you have a health problem? Is Budapest safe? You will find answers to all these and many more, in the City Guide topic.

City Guide Topics

Watch Budapest Live

Camera at Erzsébet Square
Camera at Erzsébet Square
Fisheye Cam at Erzsébet Square
Fisheye Cam at Erzsébet Square
Camera at Bazilika
Camera at Bazilika