The Hungarian Parliament Building from across the Danube River
The Hungarian Parliament Building from across the Danube River

A comprehensive medical tourism guide to Budapest


When it comes to getting top medical care at a good price, Hungary comes at the top of the list for medical tourism destinations in Europe. Even if you need to spend money to book a flight over, get airport transfer into the city, and check into a hotel, you’ll find that the cost of medical or dental treatment is low enough for you to not only break even, but even save on top – not to mention you’ll get a little holiday in Budapest included in the price! 

Hungarian doctors and dentists have qualifications that are recognized by the European Union, and the country is at the forefront of areas like dentistry, diagnostics, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and plastic surgery. Doctors and nurses are highly skilled, and many hospitals and clinics are equipped with the latest technology, especially in the case of private clinics.  

From medical care, diagnostics, and dentistry to plastic surgery and medical beauty treatments, we’re here to give you the low down on your medical options in Budapest, so you can find the best treatment for you.

Private Clinics 

Interior of the Medicover Hospital reception
Interior of the Medicover Hospital reception

If you’re looking for a diagnosis or need some minor treatment without the waiting list and with a comfortable, if not a luxurious environment, then Budapest is a great destination for you. Hungary offers diagnostic services in its private clinics that are quick to get an appointment for and come at a favorable price, whether you need a heart examination, ultrasound, or mammogram. 

Budapest’s private health clinics serve all kinds of operations, births, examinations, and specialist consultations – all in an environment not dissimilar to a 4- or 5-star hotel. Although these clinics are often expensive for Hungarians earning Hungarian wages, western travelers will find them much cheaper than getting medical care back at home. 

Often clinics will specialize in one area, but you can find larger clinics or private hospitals with a wider range of services. 

Private clinics in Budapest you may consider are: 

Medicover Hospital Hungary 

Address: Váci út 29-31


Oktogon Medical Center 

Address: Teréz krt. 21. 1/5 



Dental procedure in a modern Budapest clinic
Dental procedure in a modern Budapest clinic

Hungary is one of Europe’s leading dentistry hubs. Although many other cities like those on the Austrian border, such as Sopron, are popular, Budapest is still the hub of high-quality dental services with good prices for Western visitors. You can find many private clinics offering the best dental healthcare across Budapest. So, whether you need a root canal, a crown, implants and more, you can find the right dental service for you in Budapest. 

Dental Clinics in Budapest:

Helvetic Dental 
Address: Révay u. 12. 

Address: Teréz körút 55-57.

Forest & Ray Dental 
Address: Váci út 64.

Save on Dental Care 
Address: Kassák Lajos u. 19. 

Plastic Surgery 

Woman undergoing plastic surgery in Budapest
Woman undergoing plastic surgery in Budapest

Budapest is a popular destination for those looking for plastic surgeons. There is a selection of world-class plastic surgery options in Budapest, with stop private clinics offering safe and inexpensive options for those looking to enhance their looks. Hungarian plastic surgeons can only begin working after a minimum of 13 years of internship, so you can be assured that quality control is high. Services like skin-tightening, rejuvenating procedures, phototherapy and more traditional forms of cosmetic surgery are available in Budapest. 

Clinics for cosmetic surgery:

Budapest Plasztikai Intézet 
Address: Széchenyi István tér 7/8. 

Pataki Plastic Surgery 
Address: Számadó u. 6. 

Hair Transplants 

Male patient getting hair transplant in Budapest
Male patient getting hair transplant in Budapest

A hair transplant is a popular form of plastic surgery that can help against baldness. Hair bulbs from one part of the body are transplanted to another part of the body, giving patients natural, lasting results. Hair can be grown and cut as normal, without any risk of rejection whatsoever. 

Budapest has many excellent hair transplant clinics, so you can find a good plastic surgeon and hair transplant expert with decades of experience easily. The procedure can actually be completed in a day at affordable prices and convincing results. 

Hair Palace 
Address: Lechner Ödön fasor 3 

HIMG Clinic 
Address: Szegedi út 56

Beauty Salons 

Interior of the A-List Salon in Budapest
Interior of the A-List Salon in Budapest

You’ll find an abundance of beauty salons in Budapest—all you need to do is just look around each street corner. There is a variation in price and quality, and you’ll find many beauty salons with a range of services like hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, tanning booths, facial treatments, massages, and hair removal. 

If you’re staying in a spa and wellness hotel, chances are you’ll have your own beauty parlor in-house. 

Omorovicza Boutique & Spa  
Address: Andrássy út 45

A-List Salon & Spa  
Address: József Nádor tér 8

Eye Clinics 

A doctor in a mask conducts an eye examination with a patient
A doctor in a mask conducts an eye examination with a patient

Laser vision and eye correction are also popular in the Budapest medical tourism scene. These clinics use cutting-edge technology, where you can get treatment and operations quickly, painlessly, and some even allow for payment in installments.  

Top Eye Clinic in Budapest:

Sasszem Optika 

Address: Bécsi út 183



Want an idea of what medical treatment costs in Hungary? Here’s a guide to give you an idea of some of the treatments and the amount you may pay for them. 

Costs of medical treatments in Hungary

Cost comparison between Hungary and Germany 
ProcedureGerman HospitalsHungaryAverage Savings
Face Lift (rhytidectomy)€3,800 – $6,600€2,100 – €2,70030% – 60%
Breast Augmentation (Mammoplasty)€3,100 – $3,800€1,800 – €2,00035% – 50%
Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)€3,400 – €4,000€1,350 – €1,70050% – 65%
Cost comparison between Hungary and the UK

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
ProcedureUK HospitalsHungaryAverage Savings
Face Lift (rhytidectomy)£7,300 – £8,000£2,100 – £2,70070% – 80%
Breast Augmentation (Mammoplasty)£4,800 – £5,500£1,800 – £2,00060% – 70%
Tummy Tuck£4,000 – £4,800£1,600 – £1,90050% – 65%
Liposuction (lipoplasty)£3,000 – £3,700£900 – £1,00065% – 75%
Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)£3,500 – £4,500£1,500 – £2,30035% – 65%
General and Cosmetic Dentistry
ProcedureUK HospitalsHungaryAverage Savings
Porcelain Bonded Crowns£500£18060% – 65%
Root Canal (per canal)£200£6070%
Tooth Extraction£90£3065%
Tooth Whitening£475£28040%
Dental Implants£1,900£80055% – 60%

Q & A

What is the best country for medical tourism?
Hungary is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for medical tourism, as it’s not only inexpensive, but the quality is high and Budapest is a nice city to spend time in, so you can also get a little holiday on your trip. 
Is healthcare free in Budapest?
Hospital services are free for all nationals, but you’d need a referral for free treatment, and you’d have to go to the hospital you’re designated by your doctor. Elective procedures, like plastic surgery, are not free, and neither is dental care. 
Is Hungarian healthcare good? 
Although the Hungarian public health system has an unfortunate reputation, the private system is top quality, with highly trained doctors and with state-of-the-art equipment. If you come to Budapest to get private medical care, you can be sure you’ll get good quality treatment. 
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