Food delivery online
Food delivery online

How to order food delivery online while staying in Budapest?

Ordering food online in Budapest has never been easier. Read our useful tips for how to order a food delivery in Budapest and how to make sure your dinner is delivered.


How to order food delivery online while staying in Budapest?

Are you new in Budapest but you are starving or do you just want to eat something at home? No problem at all. The solution is easy. Online food delivery! Even if you are staying in an Airbnb in Budapest, it is possible to order food delivery online.
How? We will talk you through step by step how to use the two most popular food delivery apps (Wolt & Netpincer). Watch out for useful tips & tricks, advantages & disadvantages and „how to interpret your address in Budapest”!

Enjoy the wide selection of the best restaurants, breakfast places and cake shops. Should you crave for a juicy hamburger or a more healthy option, these below apps will satisfy your cravings for sure.

WOLT food delivery application for mobile phones

  1. Download the app on your phone, it is free
  2. Sign up with an email address
  3. Click on the confirmation link and enter your personal details
  4. Country is: Hungary
  5. Enable: sharing your location (app will show restaurants near you that deliver)
  6. Enter your phone number for a verification code
  7. Check out the restaurants near you (Discovery tab) or go to the actual map for a more detailed picture (Nearby tab)
  8. Search for different categories like: Value meals, Top-rated, Popular right now etc. (Discovery tab)
  9. Click on the selected restaurant for more info like: opening hours
  10. Pick your items from the menu
  11. Go to checkout
  12. Decide if you want a delivery or personal  pick-up
  13. You can go for a scheduled delivery or you can ask for a no-contact delivery as well
  14. Select your payment method
  15. Choose a delivery address – Add new address & building number – e.g. Street address: Andrássy út. 12. Floor&apartment number: floor 2./ door 6.Enter the name on your buzzer and mobile phone number if possible
  16. Finalize your order
  17. web:

NETPINCER food delivery application for mobile phones

  1. Download the app on your phone, it is free
  2. Sign up with an email address
  3. Search for restaurant close by: here select your district (for help read the NOTE below)
  4. Where would you like to order?
    • Street: start typing in your street’s name (for help read How to interpret your address below)
    • Number: street number (for help read How to interpret your address below)
  5. Show restaurants
  6. Select your restaurant or use the filters for different categories
  7. Pick your items from the menu
  8. ORDER – provide your contact info first (you will need to verify)
  9. Specify address: (for help read How to interpret your address below)
  10. Now select: When and Payment
  11. Finalize your order
  12. web:

How to interpret your adress with example

1064 Budapest:                              
Andrassy út 20.:                             
2 em./ 6 ajt., csengő: 2:              

postal code (including the district number) and name of town

name of the street and number (út, utca = road, street)

floor 2./ door 6., doorbell: 2


The 2 medium numbers in your postal code is the number of the district of Budapest. Now you are staying in the 6th district. (e.g. 1214 is the 21st district). District numbers are usually used in Roman numerals. 6th = VI. or 21st=XXI.

Useful tips & tricks

  • You can pay online by credit card, but if paying in cash only HUF is acceptable
  • In Hungary, we usually tip the courier guy (unless we are completely unhappy about the delivery service) ~200-300 HUF or 1 EUR
  • Check what is written on the buzzer/doorbell of your Airbnb or apartment and share in the address section
  • Share you mobile number and be ready to answer you phone

Advantages (+) & disadvantages (-)


  • there is a satisfactory rating for every restaurant (this can help selecting the best), and you can also leave yours
  • the language of the applications is English. How handy!
  • you don’t have to leave your apartment
  • the apps are easy to use
  • the selection of restaurants is satisfying
  • you can spend the time of waiting for delivery on whatever you want (compared to sitting in a restaurant)
  • you can successfully submit your order online, no need for a phone call


  • you don’t have a chance to eat out and discover Budapest
  • delivery can be late
  • food might be cold by the time of receipt
  • you need internet connection


We hope that this article has been helpful and now you are more confident about how to order food&drinks online. If you follow the instructions step by step, your breakfast, lunch or dinner will be on your table in no time. Enjoy! Check out where to buy tobacco and alcohol in Budapest!

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