OZORA Festival's main stage in 2016
OZORA Festival’s main stage in 2016

O.Z.O.R.A. – The best psychedelic festival in Europe

Goa and trance, arts and crafts, mesmerizing visuals – this is OZORA festival in Hungary, the best psychedelic festival in Europe.


Are you tired of uncontrollable drunken teenagers and the deafening EDM music of regular festivals? Then take a dip in the peaceful and magical world of OZORA, one of the largest psychedelic festivals in Europe!

 Psychedelic festivals in Europe

The roots of psychedelia (psychedelic arts and music) come from the transcendent experiences people lived through during the 1960s, the golden age of LSD and magic mushrooms. Nowadays, this subculture has its own signature earmarks that you can come across at all of these festivals and events: surreal visuals and architecture, vibrant colors, dreadlocks, crazy costumes and out-of-this-world music – all to enhance the psychedelic experience. Goa and psytrance culture is blooming all around the globe, so when you look at the festival map of Europe, you’ll see dozens of destinations for the lovers of psychedelia: MoDem in Croatia, FLOW in Austria, Burning Mountain in Switzerland, Antaris Project in Germany and many more. But none of these can be compared to Europe’s best trance festival: O.Z.O.R.A. (Organic Zones of Radiant Atmosphere), which takes place in Hungary.

The opening ceremony of OZORA in 2019

The valley of freedom

Now that you know everything about the psychedelic culture, let us introduce you to the exceptional atmosphere of OZORA. But first, here are the things you definitely won’t encounter: drunken morons, puking teenage girls, garbage and overpriced drinks. In the valley of Dádpuszta (it’s the name of the nearest village), you’ll enter the world of eternal peace, love and unity, where people are friendly, the music is uplifting and the scenery is just mind-blowing. For an entire week during summer you can step into an alternate universe with colorful characters dressed in hippie clothes and jewels (attention: they might try to heal you with these!), Treebeard chilling around the camp, and stage designs that will leave you in awe.

Music-wise OZORA represents a wide variety of electric and live genres, including goa, psytrance, dark psy, tech-house, downtempo, ambient, tribal and many more. People come here from all around the world (according to statistics, at least 70% of visitors are from a foreign country), so don’t be surprised if you hear people speak Spanish, German, French or something so exotic you can’t even tell.

The main stage of OZORA

Stages for all tastes

Tens of thousands of people come back to Hungary every year to visit the best trance festival of Europe and enjoy the peculiar milieu. OZORA has six stages, with all of them having a totally unique design and purpose. The oldest and the largest stage of OZORA is the main one, serving as the backbone of the festival since 1999, when the first adventurers gathered together at this place to enjoy the full solar eclipse (no wonder the festival was called “Sollipse” until 2004). You could already admire the architectural wonder of the main stage, the so-called “Tree of Life”, above, which gave platform to the biggest names in the psychedelic scene in the last 21 years, such as Ajja, Tristan, Ace Ventura, Juno Reactor and many others.  

The Dome only at OZORA
The Dome only at OZORA

The Dome is basically a huge tent with a church-like, religious atmosphere inside, specializing in dub and techno music, creating an unforgettably divine experience for anyone who steps in. The Pumpui is a colorful and open tent, which is great for chilling and afterparties, the Dragon Nest is mainly for live concerts, and the Melting Pot is – as the name speaks for itself – a place where musicians can meet up just to “jam” and create freestyle music. The last one, the Ambyss, is the newest addition to the Ozora family: it’s primarily a space by the lake where you can chill and listen to ambient music.

Dragon Nest Stage
Dragon Nest Stage

Craft and arts – OZORA is more than a festival

To be clear, OZORA doesn’t call itself a “psychedelic” festival, but a transformational and arts festival. The transformational part means that it is a counterculture festival that supports a community-building ethic, and a value system that celebrates life, personal growth, social responsibility, healthy living, and creative expression. A huge part of this subculture is living in harmony with each other and nature – this is the main reason why OZORA is the cleanest and friendliest festival you’ll ever see. No littering, nearly limitless options of vegetarian and vegan foods: OZORA is basically the embodiment of the “sharing is caring” lifestyle.

Meditation at OZORA during daytime
Meditation at OZORA during daytime

Besides music and altruism, arts are the most essential parts of the festival’s life. Every year they organize an Artcamp where artists and craftsmen are invited to contribute to the festival’s scenery with their installations, buildings, and visual creations. The Mirador gallery tower represents the diversity of the visual culture of OZORA, providing an insight into an alternate visual universe imbued with psychedelic, spiritual and mystical moods and symbols. They also do art-therapy; the festival has its own circus(!); in the ARTibarn you can participate in creative and folk art activities such as felting, claying, basket weaving, body painting, glass blowing – the list goes on. Esoteric, astrological and permaculture lectures, gastro workshops, microcosmos studies and many other spiritual activities are also all available.

This festival really is something entirely different, so if you keep an open mind, there’s a chance that visiting OZORA will change your life forever.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic there will be no OZORA festival in 2020. But don’t worry, Europe’s best trance festival is waiting for you in the heart of Hungary between August 2 and 8, 2021.

For ticket prices and further information please visit their website:


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