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Netflix in Budapest – How can you get the same content as in your home country

It goes without saying that you can use Netflix in Budapest as well, you can easily subscribe to Netflix when you are staying in Budapest.


A lot of people do so. The selection of movies and series greatly differ between Budapest and the USA! It is true! You must keep that in mind! Obviously the choice of movies and series available in the USA is the widest while you may select from a more limited list anywhere else! It varies country by country and may change over time. Did you know?

Edit with the Netflix logo
Edit with the Netflix logo

A few years ago you could only watch 12% of the content available on Netflix in Budapest. I’ve subscribed to Netflix in the USA but I am going to stay in Budapest, can I access the full Netflix library? Yes, but you need to be creative. Netflix is checking a lot of things at the same time, e.g.

  1. where you’ve registered
  2. and where you are currently staying. Unfortunately, Netflix can easily recognise that you are in Budapest based on the IP address of your TV. Therefore your access will be limited.

We are not encouraging you to do the following and we do not take responsibility for this but it could be a solution. You have to change your IP address! I am going to share two ways how you can do it including advantages and disadvantages:

Proxy (can be free or pay-proxy ) e.g.: proxy.org

Proxies are online servers to which users can connect (in this case these servers are located in the USA). This enables you to stream the internet traffic via the server.

Illustration how a proxy works
Illustration how a proxy works


In general you can use proxies free of charge, but there are pay-proxies too particularly for Netflix. You can easily adjust them.


Some of the proxies (especially the free versions) are very slow because they are overloaded. Proxies are very popular in the East and in Asian countries which makes streaming and downloading painfully slow. Plus we will never know what quality we will end up with. The greatest disadvantage is that the whole data traffic goes through another server which can be tracked down.

VPN the Virtual Private Network

This is my top recommendation for streaming Netflix in Budapest! VPN is usually one of the best solutions to avoid online content to be blocked. The reason for this is that they are committed to provide fast and secure services (they are not free though). The virtual private networks are also servers to which we can connect just like in case of proxies. The biggest difference between VPN and proxies thought is that VPN has been designed exactly for this use. VPN developers guarantee that we can watch the content of the blocked websites without having to worry about the quality.

Explanation of a VPN
Explanation of a VPN


We can say that some parts of the VPN have been designed for Netflix. Thanks to this we may enjoy the unlimited Netflix library in Budapest as well. VPN makes browsing and connecting to the internet more secure it is recommended to be used for other purposes as well not only for Netflix!


Quality is money. It does not come free of charge. The cheapest monthly subscription for VPN costs $3 but the premium quality VPN may cost $10 too. You’d better go for the $10 version if you wish to watch good quality videos and you want to stream fast. I know it sounds like a lot of money but this is the best solution if you want to make the best of your Budapest Netflix too. You should also check out the trial subscription of Netflix but do not forget to cancel it in time.

When it comes to subscriptions you should always check the data protection to make sure that you are not logged and the privacy of your data is safe. For streaming Budapest Netflix we recommend to use nordvpn.com. Watching US Netflix in Budapest will reduce your bandwidth by 3-5% which is not much. Did you know? VPN is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Routers, Raspberry Pi, Android TV, Chrome, Firefox.

Logo of NordVPN
Logo of NordVPN

How to subscribe to Netflix?

If you are not a subscriber to Netflix yet, and you want to subscribe to Netflix in Budapest, it is unlikely and legally doubtful that you will be able to access the full content later. In spite of this you still want to do it in Budapest, you must enter a US address, pay with a US credit card and make sure that nothing leads to Hungary. The best option if we ask somebody in the USA to subscribe for us. The choice of Netflix movies and series can differ in different European countries! The good news is that Netflix must provide the same service within the EU countries which means that you can enjoy the local content during travelling with your family as well.

Hulu in Budapest

If you are interested in the full choice of content, it is worth using a VPN. BBC iPlayer in Budapest it is working in Budapest but use a VPN as described above. HBO GO in Budapest If you wish to watch the full selection of local content in your language, use a VPN. Amazon Prime Video in Budapest Works perfectly well with the above mentioned use of VPN.

Hulu streaming
Hulu streaming

Showtime in Budapest

If you adjust the VPN, it will perfectly work. Sling TV in Budapest You should use VPN if you wish to enjoy everything in Budapest too. If you would like to watch Netflix or any other service providers when staying in Budapest, you can do it with no problem whatsoever just try one of the solutions mentioned above. Should you have any questions get in touch and I will try to help! I would like to kindly ask you though to reduce the time spent with watching Netflix so you can enjoy Budapest to its full potential!

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