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Public Transfer ticket machines at Budapest Airport

Ticket Inspectors on Public Vehicles in Budapest

Buying the tickets for the public transport is not enough, you also need to validate the tickets in front of the entrance by the metro, or after getting on the vehicles in case of any other public vehicles.

Michael Jackson Memorial Tree Budapest

The Michael Jackson Memorial Tree stands in one of the most popular parks in Budapest, at Erzsébet tér (Elizabeth Square), which is one of the favorite leisure places of foreigners and young people in Budapest.

Budapest Pride – Love is love.

Everything you need to know about Budapest Pride, its cultural background and how it's a celebration of love, diversity and a demonstration for equal rights.

Budapest hotels with history

 Hotels with history: Spend a night soaking in the history of Budapest while staying in rooms that have witnessed revolution, war, and renewal.

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Read and learn more about the tragic and fantastic life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. She had been the warrior princess who helped the people in need

Is Budapest safe?

Is Budapest safe to visit? Do you have doubts if you should come to the capital of Hungary because of safety reasons? Read the article and you will have the answer.

Where is Budapest located?

Where is Budapest located? Are you planning a visit the capital of Hungary but you are not sure where to find it? Read the article and find out more!

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