20. August: One of the biggest Budapest Public Holiday

Budapest Public Holidays

 Everything that you wanted to know about Budapest Public Holidays. Learn more about these public holidays including dates, useful tips and did you know section.


Are you super excited about coming to Budapest, but you are also careful about selecting the days when you want to be in the city? That is very sensitive of you since there are a couple of national public holidays in Hungary that you might not be aware of.

Life does not stop on a national holiday, but all the shops are closed and only restaurants and entertainment units are open, so it is worth planning your holiday taking these special days into consideration.

Advantage of Budapest holidays:

there are several celebrations going around in Budapest that you can join and enjoy

Disadvantage of Budapest holidays:

the shops are closed

Did you know

If a national holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday it is usually extended by the following or previous day to make a 4-day holiday (including the weekend) and the extra day will be worked off on a Saturday to compensate.

Example.: Imagine that 15 March falls on Thursday. Hungarian people will not be working on Thursday and Friday either (it would be silly to go back to work for one day only) BUT they will have to work to make up for the lost working day on a given Saturday that is decided by the government.
Many employee-friendly companies let their people work from home on this particular Saturday.

Full list of national Budapest holidays in 2020

1 January
New Year’s Day
Expect people to stay home and sleep off the New Year’s Eve. This day is usually quiet and cold.

15 March
Revolution Day: Commemoration of the 1848 Revolution
There are celebrations around the city, the biggest is held in front of the Parliament.

10 April
Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday, moving holiday)
It is a religious holiday when most people do not eat meat out of respect for Jesus.

12-13 April
Easter Sunday and Monday (changes year by year, check the exact day)
There are some typical Hungarian traditions on Monday like sprinkling water or perfume on ladies to stay “fresh”.

Traditional watering in Hollókő the day after Easter
Traditional watering in Hollókő the day after Easter

1 May
Labour Day
There is a huge fair organized in the City Park. Food court, rides, souvenirs and programs for families.

31 May- 1 June
Pentecost Sunday and Monday (7th Monday after Easter)
This is a long weekend when people tend to go away for a mini-break.

20 August
Saint Stephen’s Day: celebrating the foundation of Hungary
There is a spectacular fireworks show in the evening, that can be seen from the Danube bank.

23 October
Republic Day: commemorating the Revolution of 1956
There are celebrations going on.

1 November
All Saint’s Day
People go to the cemetery to commemorate their loved ones.

24-26 December
It is a Religious holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus. 

Useful tip

  1. Some of the public holidays are moving holidays, which means that they do not have a set date every year. If you want to be on the safe side, always consult the internet for the exact date. 
  2. Keep in mind that the public transportation operates on a weekday schedule on the working Saturdays!
  3. Enjoy the video about Easter in Budapest:


Sharing the celebrations of any of the national holidays with the Hungarians in Budapest will show you a different and more relaxed face of the locals. You can come and go unnoticed among them. Try the classic festive food and just simply enjoy the atmosphere. If you want to be extra careful, check out the Budapest weather as well on top of the Budapest holidays when selecting travel dates.

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