Is Budapest safe?

Is Budapest safe to visit? Do you have doubts if you should come to the capital of Hungary because of safety reasons? Read the article and you will have the answer.


Answering the question if Budapest is safe or not, I would say that Budapest is a very safe city to visit as a tourist, since there aren’t any violent criminal acts against tourists and there has never been a terror attack in the capital of Hungary. The worst that can happen to you is that you will be pickpocketed but you can easily avoid that if you take the necessary precautions.

Is Budapest safe to travel alone?

If you travel alone and you love to discover different cities on your own, do not miss out on coming to Budapest. You will feel completely safe if you stay in downtown Budapest and if you take the necessary precautions. 

Tip for individual travellers

Always share the exact agenda of your journey with your family or with a friend and make sure to let them know on a daily basis where you are and that you are fine. A quick Facebook message or a text message will do.

Is Budapest safe at night?

Yes, Budapest is safe at night too. 

The city center of Budapest on the Pest side is called the “party district” because there are a countless number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs where you can let the steam off by having a drink or dancing. You will meet a lot of drunk people in the streets after midnight, but if you keep away from them they will not bother you. They shout, sing along loud and they stagger but otherwise they will leave you alone. Should you feel that they have crossed the line find a police officer nearby and report the crime. 

Tip for staying safe at night
  • Always watch your valuables and do not leave your luggage unattended.
  • Have enough change and break your higher value banknotes so you will not get ripped off. If you pay with a credit card check your receipt.
  • Be careful in bars, the stuff like to cheat drunk tourists who do not pay attention

Homeless people

You will see as you walk around in Budapest that there are some areas, for example the underground where you are more likely to come across homeless people. In summer, they tend to sleep and relax on the benches near the Danube and although they look rough and untidy, they are harmless and will not bother you most of the time. You might see them begging for money and it is totally up to you if you want to help them out with some change. 

It is very sad that their circumstances have not improved and they are not looked after, but unfortunately, you cannot avoid homeless people in big European cities like Budapest.

Police station in district XXI.
Police station in district XXI.

Useful tips to stay safe in Budapest

  1. Watch your bags and pockets, especially in crowded places
  2. Do not leave your luggage unattended (not even for one minute)
  3. Check where the embassy of your country is to be on the safe side
  4. Avoid less safe districts, stay in the inner city (e.g. district VIII., IX.)
  5. Do not book your accommodation near Király street or Kazincy street and in their neighborhood (“party district”) if you want to be able to sleep
  6. Call 112 to reach the police and the ambulance in case of an emergency
  7. Read some more about the Budapest nightlife and bars

Did you know? 

  • Each of the XXIII. districts of Budapest has got its own Police Station. Should anything happen to you, you must go to the Police Station of the district where the crime has taken place.
  • Police is called Rendőrség in Hungarian. 


Have no fear, Budapest is here. Do not hesitate but book your flight, bus or train tickets to come to Budapest. It is very unlikely that anything bad will happen to you in terms of public safety. If you behave as responsibly as if you were at home, you will come to no harm for sure. Watch a teaser video about Budapest at night.

Where is Budapest? What pleasures does this amazing city offer to the tourists? If you are interested, you should read our article on the topic. As everyone knows, who once visited Budapest, this is the city, which you will never forget in your life!

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