Where is Hungary? - Hungary and its neighbours
Where is Hungary? – Hungary and its neighbours

Where is Hungary?

Have you ever wondered where Hungary is located, how you can get there and what you will find there? Read the article and find out more!


Where is Hungary located?

If you are looking for the answer to the question „Where is Hungary” read the article and you will learn everything that you should know about the location of the country.
Hungary is located in Central Europe surrounded by the Carpathians in the Carpathian Basin which makes it a super unique country with rich history. 

Hungary’s geography has been traditionally defined by its two main waterways, the Danube and Tisza Rivers.

Hungary map: Hungary map

Lake Balaton in Hungary
Lake Balaton in Hungary

Where is Hungary?  – surrounding countries

Due to its location Hungary is totally landlocked and is sharing its border from every side with a neighbour. Looking at the map clockwise, starting with Austria the following countries share the borders of Hungary: Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

GPS coordinates of Hungary

Where is Hungary? – How to get to Hungary

Thanks to its central location within Europe, the country is easily accessible by different means of transportation. You can actually reach the borders of Hungary by boat (via Danube River) by bus, train, car and aeroplane. 

  • Boat: You can take a boat travelling from Austria through Budapest to the Black Sea. 
  • Bus: There are scheduled buses coming from all over Europe.
  • Train: You might need to change trains on your way to Hungary if you come farther than a neighbouring country, but it is very comfortable and you can get off the train in the city center of Budapest at any of the 3 main railway stations (Nyugati, Keleti and Déli)
  • Car: The network of highways makes driving through Hungary very simple. Check out your map or GPS and you will reach your destination in no time.

The system of the toll road network is quite excessive, you will need to buy your physical vignette or e-vignette before you use it.

  • Aeroplane: There is one major airport, called the Budapest Airport (BUD) from where you can access Budapest by taxi or bus.


The weather in Hungary is very changeable and unpredictable due to the fact that it is determined by the interaction of two major climate systems: the Continental climate and the Oceanic climate. Summers are hot and winters are very cold and snowy. The country is blessed with all 4 seasons.

The Parliament in Budapest 
The Parliament in Budapest

Some facts about Hungary

  1. The capital of Hungary is Budapest which is a very popular destination for tourists. The city is gaining popularity year by year. Find out more about the city and read the article on “Where is Budapest?”.
  2. Hungary is a democratic republic.
  3. Hungary is divided into 19 counties, which all worth checking out for a reason or two.
  4. The population of Hungary is ~10 million people.
  5. Hungarian is the official language of the country which has been voted among the top 5 most difficult languages to learn in the world. It belongs to the Uralic language family but in reality it is unrelated to any neighbouring languages.
  6. Hungary is historically a Christian country in terms of religion.
  7. Its land area is 93 030 km².
  8. The hungarian currency is Forint (HUF).
  9. Hungary is pronounced “Magyarország” and the language “magyar” in Hungarian.

Do not forget to change money when you are coming to Hungary.

Did you know?

Hungary is part of the EU and the Schengen Treaty as well. Thanks to this fact you can easily come and go if you are a citizen of one of the EU countries.


Hungary’s location is very ideal for a touristic point of view, because you can easily access it from every direction and the country’s origin, rich history, excellent cuisine, beautiful landscape and the buzzing, exciting capital Budapest is definitely worth a visit. 

Watch this teaser video about Hungary and book your ticket today!

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