The Danube with the sides of the capital of Hungary

Capital of Hungary

The capital of Hungary is one of the most unique cities in Europe in terms of history, architecture and programs. Learn more about Budapest including useful tips.


The capital of Hungary is Budapest. It was established as a union of two cities, Buda and Pest, and is located on the opposite shores of the beautiful Danube River. The Pest side is rather flat with all the buzzing bars, parks and vibrant nightlife, while Buda is the hilly, green, quieter residential area.

Budapest is surrounded by settlements of the agglomeration in Pest County. The city is a great holiday destination and is gaining popularity among tourists due to its location in Europe, due to its history, due to its brilliant architecture, kitchen and due to the fact that you get great value for your money when you come to Budapest.

How to access the capital of Hungary

Budapest can be easily accessed by any means of transportation thanks to its central position in Hungary and Europe. Take the bus, train, aeroplane or boat or jump in your car and drive all the way to the capital of Hungary.

  • Coming to Budapest by car: The road infrastructure is pretty good in Hungary. After having crossed the border you can easily get to Budapest by driving on one of the many highways that link the capital to the other parts of the country.
  • Coming to Budapest by train: There are 3 main railway stations (Nyugati, Keleti and Déli) in Budapest that link the capital to other foreign cities. 
  • Coming to Budapest by bus: You can visit Budapest by taking a coach. Most coaches come to one of the 2 big bus stations (Népliget or Kelenföld) Aeroplane
  • Flying to Budapest: Your flight will land at Budapest Airport (BUD) from where you can access Budapest by taxi or bus (Budapest airport transfer choices)
  • Coming to Budapest by boat: You can take a boat travelling from Austria through Budapest to the Black Sea. 

Is Budapest safe?

The capital of Hungary is a very safe city to visit as a tourist both in a group or alone too since there aren’t any violent criminal acts against tourists and there has never been a terror attack in Budapest. The worst that can happen to you is that you will be pickpocketed but you can easily avoid that if you take the necessary precautions. For more info and useful tips read the full article on Is Budapest safe

Budapest weather

The capital of Hungary has been blessed with 4 seasons which means that the weather can range from freezing cold -15 degrees to boiling hot +40 degrees. Winter is cold and snowy, spring is unpredictable and sunny, summer is hot and autumn starts with the Indian summer and smoothly melts into the crispy winter weather. Read the full article on Budapest weather and find out more.

The Erzsébet Square on the buzzing Pest side
The Erzsébet Square on the buzzing Pest side

Where to book my accommodation?

You should definitely book your accommodation in Pest if you are into vibrant nightlife and you love the buzzing atmosphere of the city, but if your aim is to relax and take it easy book your overnight accommodation in Buda.

The traditional city center with all the shops, bars and restaurants can be found on the Pest side. If you happened to reserve your room or apartment in the suburbs, do not worry, because the public transportation system is very developed and reliable. You can get to downtown Budapest from the furthest part of the town within one hour. 

Parking in Budapest

Budapest is sectioned into several parking zones, and different hourly fees for parking are charged depending on which zone you park your car in (between HUF 175 and 440). Watch out for forbidden parking spots, otherwise your car will be taken by the time you go back to collect it. 


Should this happen, look around because the Parking Authority always leaves a message behind about the whereabouts of your car. (stuck to the wall or a door etc.)

Did you know?

  • The city is populated by about 1,5 million people, which makes it the biggest town in Hungary 
  • Its land area is about 525 square km
  • GPS coordinates of Budapest: 47° 29′ 52.4868” N and 19° 2′ 24.8496
  • Budapest is the 8th biggest capital in Europe by official population
  • You are not allowed to drink alcohol in public places
  • Budapest has more thermal water springs than any other capital city in the world. It is a must-do to visit one of the spas

Budapest on the map

Where is Budapest? Google maps


The capital of Hungary is the best destination for a long-weekend holiday or for studying as well. If you ever visit Budapest you will fall in love with the atmosphere, with the wide range of activities, festivals and concerts offered by the city. Budapest is the mixture of fantastic architecture, green  places (islands, parks, hills), super tasty cuisine and the Danube. Watch this teaser video about Budapest: Tha capital of Hungary – click here

More interesting and useful tips

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