Mammut shopping mall in Budapest
Mammut Shopping Center in Budapest

The twin mall of Budapest – Mammut Shopping Center

Two buildings, more than 220 stores, as well as a wide range of restaurants and free time activities – discover Mammut Shopping Center in Budapest.


Relaxing, partying, sightseeing, and shopping – the four horsemen of tourist activities. When visiting Budapest, you can do all at full speed, so the hardest part is picking the right destinations and saving time for all of them. You simply cannot dip your toes in the waters of each thermal bath, go to all the ruin pubs to get wasted, find your way out of all the escape rooms, and visit every boutique to spend your forints. But we’re here to help you at least do your shopping right – let us introduce you to Mammut Shopping Mall, one of the largest shopping centers of Budapest. 

The two buildings of Mammut shopping center from the outside 
The two buildings of Mammut Shopping Mall from the outside 

Mammoth among the behemoths in Budapest

When it comes to shopping centers, Budapest has some real behemoths. Just think of Aréna Mall, the largest shopping center of Central Europe (by floor size) or Westend, the largest by overall area. Even though Mammut (Mammoth in English) is a bit smaller, its two buildings still cover an impressive area of 61,300 square meters. Two buildings, you ask? Yes, you’ve read that right – Mammut is a twin plaza, with two separate buildings (Mammut 1 and Mammut 2) connected with a glass bridge over the intersecting street. Built in 1998, Mammut 1 is the third oldest shopping center of Budapest, while Mammut 2, the significantly bigger brother joined the party not so long after, in 2001. The glass roofs of both buildings supply plenty of natural sunlight providing the twin mall with a real distinctive feature. 

The two buildings of Mammut shopping center from above 
The two buildings of Mammut Shopping Center from above 

Two buildings, one plaza, and countless shopping options in Mammut

To say that Mammut has an impressive number of stores and restaurants is a modest understatement. With about 220 shops and 22 restaurants, you can really live out all your shopaholic tendencies in this gigantic shopping center. The clothing brand range spreads from premium stores like Braga and Intimissimi to everyday favorites such as H&M, New Yorker, or Vans. Mammut is a real heaven for shoe addicts, as CCC, Salamander, Tamaris, Bagatt are just a few examples of the many shoe stores which also found their home in Mammut. You won’t have any problems shopping for perfumes, health products, and cosmetics either as Mammut has a Douglas, a Medosan, an Yves Rocher, a Clinique, a L’Occatine, a DM, a Rosmann and many others in the ranks. And if you’re looking for some shiny memorabilia or jewelry to remember Budapest by, Bijou Brigitte, Claire’s, Apacs and Schmuck Ékszer will have you covered. 

The inside Mammut 2 shopping center
The inside of Mammut Shopping Center 2

These boys and girls just wanna have fun in Mammut

Mammut is not your everyday plaza – it is packed with recreation and free time options. Let us guide you through the many possibilities so you know where to give your body, soul, and mind some time off. Start from the top: your brain. Train the grey matter by getting a new scientific book or ease your mind with a fantasy novel in one of the amazing bookstores. Libri even has a Frei café inside, so you can mix two of your favorite activities: drinking coffee while reading a great book.  When feeling tense, head to Mammut’s own Thai massage parlors and let professional masseuses take the matter in their own hands – they’ll heal your body and soul simultaneously. Unfortunately, the Mammut Bowling Club had to shut down due to coronavirus restrictions, but the movie theater is still going strong! Cinema City Mammut here is waiting for you with 5 rooms and a Dolby Atmos sound system, so you’ll get all the action noises as crispy as intended when watching Fast and Furious 17 (which is only a joke at the time of writing this article but may very well become reality by the time you read this). 

Mammut shopping center from the back
Mammut shopping center from the back

Mammut’s strong restaurant game

Mammut is coming at you with double food court power as both buildings has their own restaurant area – double the size, double the pleasure. In addition to some fast-food favorites such as KFC and Burger King, you can also find fancier options, like Padthai Wokbar, Nordsee, BelFrit, and more. This Mammut is especially tempting for people with a sweet tooth, as it’s got a Szamos (famous Hungarian marzipan brand), a L’amande (a French boulangerie-patisserie) and a Fruitissimo to pump up the sugar level of shoppers as well. And, if you’re a hardcore double caramel vanilla latte macchiato aficionado, we have good news for you: a Starbucks is also part of the offer! 

Location, opening hours and other useful information

Laying next one of the busiest public transport hubs in Budapest, approaching Mammut can’t get any easier. You can go to Széll Kálmán tér with Metro line 2, many tram lines, and buses, or arrive at the shopping center by car and take one of the thousand underground garage spots. It’s worth paying attention to their monthly coupon days when you can get your favorite merchandise with up to 50% discount.


Are there any good shopping centers in Budapest?
Budapest is super strong shopping-wise. In addition to two of the largest shopping centers in the Center-European region, twin plaza Mammut awaits visitors near one of the busiest public transport hubs of Budapest.
What brands does Mammut shopping center have?
Mammut is home to more than 220 stores, ranging from premium clothing brands like Braga and Intimissimi to everyday favorites such as H&M, New Yorker, or Vans. In addition, Mammut has a generous number of shops selling shoes, beauty and cosmetic products, as well as jewelry and gifts.

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