Things to do

Thorough tips and guides about Budapest’s „must see” tourist attractions, spas, culture, sporting opportunities, etc.

Walking Tours in Budapest

Top 3 walks in Budapest

Budapest stands out for its wonderfully ‘gritty’ appeal – war-scarred and soot-covered buildings, artisan cafes and shops, and odd statues that spark our curiosity. It is not too modern or renovated for the 21st century, giving it that perfect vibe…

Budapest Pride – Love is love.

Everything you need to know about Budapest Pride, its cultural background and how it’s a celebration of love, diversity and a demonstration for equal rights. In 2020, Budapest Pride celebrates its 25th anniversary with the slogan: claim back your future.…

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Read and learn more about the tragic and fantastic life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. She had been the warrior princess who helped the people in need

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