Shots served at Grandio Jungle Bar
Shots served at Grandio Jungle Bar

Grandio Jungle Bar: A pub-crawler’s paradise

The perfect place for large groups looking to spend a wild night in a unique ruin pub.


In the heart of Budapest, lies a jungle. Follow the call of the wild, and you’ll soon find yourself before a mysterious gate. Enter, into a place where rivers of liquor and wine flow like the great Amazon, and feral patrons dance until dawn. Beneath the thick canopy of trees, lights burn like stars in the night sky, lighting your way to multiple dance floors. This is the Grandio Jungle Bar of Budapest, a green oasis in a concrete wasteland, and one of the most unique ruin pubs in Europe besides for sale pub budapest.

Entrance to Grandio Jungle Bar in Budapest
Entrance to Grandio Jungle Bar in Budapest

Discover a boozy bazaar 

On a night out, head over Nagy Diófa utca in the 7th district, just off of Wesselényi utca. As one of the leading ruin pubs in the city’s ‘party district’, it’s the perfect place to end a hazy night of drinking. Order a Fény cocktail (meaning ‘light’), a raspberry and vodka delight that’s become one of the most popular drinks at the bar and get ready to spend the evening dancing. With a large open-air courtyard, there’s plenty of space to party on a warm summer’s night. And with so many trees and plants throughout the bar, you won’t even notice the crowds. Enjoy your drink with friends — you’ll feel like this deep, dark jungle is reserved for you, and you alone. 

he tree-lined courtyard of Grandio Jungle Bar
he tree-lined courtyard of Grandio Jungle Bar

True to its reputation as a ruin pub, Grandio is a labyrinth of different rooms, with antique furniture of dizzying colors lining the lush undergrowth. Everything you can see around you has been salvaged and creatively renovated. Venture inside to the main bar, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by curious paintings and graffiti. The scenery alone will have you feeling like an explorer in the heart of the jungle. And like a true explorer, the weather won’t stop you from checking out this wild place — rain or shine, hot or cold, Grandio is ready to meet you, with a heated terrace and warm interior

Meet other travelers

And explore you must — the place is absolutely huge. In fact, it’s the best bar for large groups. With such an expansive courtyard, you can fit everyone you know and more. It’s the extra space that also makes it the perfect spot for football fanslarge screens are put in the courtyard during football tournaments, like the Euros. But, if you’re the sportsman who prefers to get in on the action, you can also put your skills to the text at the ping pong table

There’s plenty of room for everyone at Grandio Jungle Bar in Budapest
There’s plenty of room for everyone at Grandio Jungle Bar in Budapest

Quench your thirst, fill your belly, lay your head

Best of all, you never have to leave this wild jungle. Once you’ve had your fill of beer, wine and cocktails, grab some grub at the jungle grill. You can order everything from burgers and hotdogs to steak and French fries. With everything you need at your fingertips, you can enjoy spending the night dancing and chatting with friends and meeting new people. And, if you’re in Budapest for the weekend and need a place to stay, Grandio is also a well-known hostel. You can spot the hostel entrance above the courtyard, in line with the treetops. While it certainly won’t make for a quiet night or easy sleeping, it’s the place to stay if you’re young and want to party or meet other travelers. So, next time you find yourself looking for a savage night out, head over to Grandio Jungle Bar in Budapest.  

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Q & A

Is Grandio Jungle Bar good for large groups?
Yes, Grandio Jungle Bar in Budapest is a great bar for large groups, with an extensive open-air courtyard and multiple rooms inside. 
Is there an outdoor area at Grandio Jungle Bar? 
Yes, Grandio Jungle Bar has a large outdoor courtyard and terrace.
Where is Grandio Jungle Bar? 
Grandio Jungle Bar is located on Nagy Diófa utca in Budapest’s 7th district.
What time is Grandio Jungle Bar open?
Grandio Jungle Bar is open from 2pm – 2am every day.

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