The real ruin bar feeling in Budapest

Ruin pubs

Get know Budapest’s unique innovation in the entertainment industry: the ruin pubs.

Csendes Vintage Bar & Café

Looking for a first-hand experience in the local café and ruin pub scene of Budapest? Discover Csendes Létterem Vintage Bar & Café near Astoria.


Discover what Rácskert, one of the most popular ruin pubs has to offer: amazing food, interesting events, and a wide variety of drinks at a reasonable price.

Szatyor: two types of unbridled fun

Szatyor Bár is the crown jewel of the hip establishments dotting Bartók Boulevard: with its ruin pub features combined with a posh café (known as “Hadik”), this place is something you must visit!

Béla Ruin Pub full with guests

Béla: the beating heart of Buda

Have you ever heard of Béla? No, not one of the four, similarly named Hungarian kings but the ruin pub. Combining all the perks of a bar, a restaurant, a loft, and an arboretum, Béla never ceases to dazzle.

Doboz, the premium ruin bar of Budapest

Clubs on top of clubs, tens of thousands of people, buzzing atmosphere, cheap drinks, and the scent of street food – this is what Budapest’s nightlife looks like. If you’d like experience this you have to visit Doboz!

Fröccsterasz: where parties start

Fröccsterasz is a unique spot located in the heart of Budapest. It offers a wide variety of delicious food and refreshing drinks. So, after a long day trip, why not visit Fröccsterasz?

Grandio Jungle Bar: A pub-crawler’s paradise

Grandio Jungle Bar is the perfect spot to spend a wild night in a unique ruin pub. Enjoy your drink in the open-air courtyard — you’ll feel like this deep, dark jungle is reserved for you, and you alone. 

The incredibly warm atmosphere at the bar of Kertem Ruin Pub


Kertem is one of the best and regularly visited ruin bars in the city of Budapest and it is known to be one of the most famous places where you can put your hands on a “Balkan Burger”.