Guests sitting in the garden of Mika at night
Guests sitting in the garden of Mika at night

From factory to fascination: Mika Tivadar Bar and Garden

Don’t miss Mika Tivadar Garden, the top beer garden in Budapest for a perfect night out on a summer evening.


In 1907, at the pinnacle of the Industrial Revolution, Tivadar Mika opened his grand iron and copper factory in the heart of Budapest. Upon the façade, he proudly placed his name – last name first, in Hungarian fashion. Little did he know that centuries later, his name would become the rallying cry of the city’s party district. Try to visit Tivadar’s namesake today, and you’ll find a ritzy, renovated bar in its place, complete with a beer garden (‘kert’ in Hungarian). With an extensive drink menu, a glamorous bar and hip beer garden, Mika is the place to be a warm summer’s evening. 

Mika Tivadar Garden, a popular place on a summer’s day

A timeless ruin pub 

Like all tourists in Budapest, you’re sure to find yourself in the 7th District at some point. By day, the streets of Wesselényi, Király, Dob and Dohány make up the old Jewish Quarter, and the hip, artsy culture hub of Hungary’s capital. But by night, these streets truly come alive. Bars line the streets as far as the eye can see and thousands of young people swarm to down shots of Palinka (traditional fruit brandy) and sip on dregs of Dreher or a cool glass of ‘fröccs’ (Hungarian wine spritzer, a favorite among locals). As you stumble along the cobblestones, you’ll inevitably be dragged to the great ‘Ruin pubs’ of Budapest on Kazinczy utca. Szimple Kert, Instant-Fogas, Kőleves Kert – and Mika Tivadar Kert. 

Busy Kazinczy street in the heart of the 7th district, the home of Mika Tivadar Garden
Busy Kazinczy street in the heart of the 7th district, the home of Mika Tivadar Garden

By renovating a formally abandoned and crumbling historical building, the owners of Mika have embraced the idea of a ruin pub. They have at once preserved the original façade, while upgrading the interior, creating a beautiful blend of old and new. But, where the other ruin pubs like Szimpla Kert have decorated with eclectic, vintage furniture and oddities, Mika stands outs, having taken a more refined approach. 

 Creative entrance signs welcoming you to Mika Tivadar Garden 
Creative entrance signs welcoming you to Mika Tivadar Garden 

One could say that it has never lost sight of its turn-of-the-century origins. Step into the main bar and you’ll waltz into the hay-day of the 1920s – it’s all sky-scraper ceilings, futuristic copper piping and glowing, Art Deco lamps. 

The inside Mika Tivadar looks like a trip to the past

A lively beer garden 

Mika’s beer garden, however, is a different story. Here you’ll find that eclectic, edgy vibe of your typical ruin pub. Order a drink from the outdoor bar and a seat at one of the many tables beneath a colorful umbrella to take in the view – the walls of the surrounding buildings are covered in artsy murals that change every few months. A range of trees and greenery also line the garden pathways, creating a soothing oasis away from the city’s grey brick and asphalt. For the best experience, stop by at night to share drinks with friends under the starry garden lights. 

Chat with the friendly staff at Mika’s outdoor bar 
Chat with the friendly staff at Mika’s outdoor bar 

For a great night out, start inside with a couple cocktails like Bonnie and Clyde. Mika’s menu has all the classics, as well as few unique concoctions that are often difficult to find in Budapest, such as an Apple Ginger Mojito or a Caipirinha. Then, once you’re feeling a little tipsy, grab a few beers or a refreshing white wine fröccs, and continue your night in the garden. Mika’s menu has it all – even a few sandwiches if you’re feeling hungry. 

On weekends, don’t miss the live music in the bar and in the garden. Featuring local musicians and DJs, you can have a blast dancing to jazz, acoustic, or pop and techno. 

A great night out for all tastes

Although Mika is incredibly popular with tourists on weekend nights, it’s also one of the few ruin pubs favorite among locals, and even families, during the week. If you’re not one for crowds or heavy drinking, or if you’re looking for a place to meet up with friends who have kids, visit during the day or early evening to enjoy a relaxing time in the garden. 

Pro tipp:

When meeting up with a group, it’s a good idea to book a table ahead of time, especially on the weekends. Call ahead at 00-3620-965-3007 or email at

If you’re on a budget, don’t shy away! Mika is one of the cheapest beer gardens in Budapest and offers great options for anyone looking to save a buck or two. Pick up a beer for less than €2 or a glass of wine for under €3 (remember to double the price of wine on the menu as a full glass of wine is two deciliters in Hungary!).

Busy night at Mika Tivadar
Busy night at Mika Tivadar

Planning your own boozy bar crawl in the 7th district? Looking for a relaxing time in the sunshine? We’ve got you covered. Once you’ve had your fill of Mika, stroll over to Budapest’s other famous gardens

Szimpla Kert

The ultimate ruin pub and home of the original kert. Unlike Mika, Szimpla’s open-air kert is nestled inside the bar, as the old courtyard of this former tenement house. 

Kőleves Kert

Like Mika, Kőleves Kert is hugely popular and an ideal spot for a summer night’s out in Budapest. It’s also a bit more covered and shadier, and features a wider range of seating, so you’ll feel protected from the weather as you lounge in a lazy hammock. 

Q & A

What’s the best beer garden in Budapest?
Mika Tivadar is arguably the best beer garden in Budapest, thanks to easy seating, a great drink menu and live music.
Does Mika Tivadar have outdoor seating?
Mika Tivadar has open-air seating in their courtyard on Kazinczy street, featuring ecletic tables and colorful murals.
When is Mika Tivadar Kert open?
Mika Tivadar is open on Thursday from 4pm-3am, Friday and Saturday from 4pm-5am, Sunday from 4pm-12am, and Monday and Tuesday from 4pm-2am.

Hungarian beer is known and loved all over Europe – and for good reason! Try these fine beers with centuries of history yourself when you visit Hungary.

Szimpla Kert is one of Budapest’s most beautiful and popular ruin pubs. The first of its kind. If you’re in the area, stop in for a nice pint with friends!

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