The bar of GoodSpirit Whiskey and Cocktail Bar
The bar of GoodSpirit Whiskey and Cocktail Bar

GoodSpirit Whiskey & Cocktail Bar – A place to enjoy quality drinks

With the world’s best whiskeys and over 500 kinds of quality spirits, GoodSpirit Bar is every sophisticated liquor and cocktail enthusiast’s dream.


Spirits and cocktails flow through the veins of Budapest bars. From Irish bars in Budapest and rooftop pubs to cocktail and shot bars, the Hungarian capital offers a magnitude of possibilities to those who want to get their booze on. You can imagine how hard it must be for a place to stand out from the competition, yet GoodSpirit Bar managed to do just that with its amazing assortment of whiskeys and other fine spirits – hence the name. Read on to find out what makes GoodSpirit Bar unique and a must-go for every visitor in Budapest.

 GoodSpirit, a unique whiskey and cocktail bar in downtown Budapest
GoodSpirit, a unique whiskey and cocktail bar in downtown Budapest

The key to GoodSpirit’s secret

Opened by the same people who are behind WhiskyNet, Hungary’s leading quality whiskey and spirit webshop, GoodSpirit definitely has an undeniable edge on its competition when it comes to quality drinks – as these guys definitely know theirs. So, after making their online venture a huge success in just a few years, it was only logical that the owners started contemplating the idea of having their own bar. Then in 2017, joined a talented bartender who had just returned to Hungary after mastering the craft abroad, they finally opened GoodSpirit, which quickly became a hit not only for its impressive range of scotches, bourbons, and co., but also their intoxicating cocktails. 

GoodSpirit Whiskey and Cocktail Bar offers over 500 different quality spirits
GoodSpirit Whiskey and Cocktail Bar offers over 500 different quality spirits

GoodSpirit’s amazing whiskey, spirit, and cocktail selection

Although GoodSpirit dubs itself a ‘whiskey and cocktail bar’, that doesn’t even begin to describe what this place has to offer. As you approach the bar, you are greeted with a selection of over 500 drinks on the shelves, including some 300 different kinds of whiskeys extending the usual Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, and Canadian variants with rare Japanese, Indian, and even Hungarian ones. Apart from whiskeys, GoodSpirit boasts a broad range of Spanish, British, and French rums as well as other delicacies such as cognac, Armagnac, gin, vodka, tequila, and so on. And of course, GoodSpirit’s skilled bartenders also make any handcrafted premium cocktail you have your eye on. Granted this might not be the perfect setting for some crazy, booze-fueled blow-out, but if you want to sit back and really experience your drink in a relaxing environment, GoodSpirit will always welcome you with open arms. 

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Where to find GoodSpirit Whiskey and Cocktail Bar?

Located in the dead center of Budapest’s inner city area (in District V), GoodSpirit is far enough from the party district (District VII) if you just want to chill with your friends while enjoying a few drinks, but still close to literally everything in the city if you want to do some exploring – check out our article on Budapest’s inner districts to get some ideas.

GoodSpirit’s relaxing enterior
GoodSpirit’s relaxing enterior

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Q & A

Where is GoodSpirit located?
GoodSpirit Whiskey and Cocktail Bar is in the 5th district, downtown Budapest.
What is GoodSpirit famous for?
GoodSpirit Whiskey and Cocktail Bar is famous for its impressive whiskey selection and over 500 different kinds of spirits.
Are there any whiskey bars in Budapest?
Located in downtown Budapest, GoodSpirit Whiskey and Cocktail Bar offers more than 500 quality spirits.

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