What's better than a cold beer and a cigarette
What’s better than a cold beer and a cigarette

Where to buy tobacco and alcohol in Budapest?

Where to buy cigarettes and booze in Budapest? We have collected the best options for you if you feel like a cigarette or bottle of beer.


Where to buy tobacco in Budapest?

Imagine that you have freshly arrived in Budapest and you have just realized that you are out of cigarettes. Usually, there is a simple solution to this unless you are in Budapest. If you wish to buy tobacco you have to look for a special, so-called „National Tobacco Shop” since all the sales of all tobacco-related products have been banned from regular shops and supermarkets.

A tobacco shop from outside
A tobacco shop from outside

Where can I find these mysterious tobacco shops?

If you feel like a cigarette, don’t hesitate but enter one of these specialised shops. How can you find them? Look for the sign above. Yes, we know it looks like a strip bar with the „18” symbol, but the number only suggests that people under the age of 18 cannot enter the shop. The shop window is usually covered in brown banners so you cannot look inside the shop, but don’t worry, they are open. Take a big breath and enter.
List of tobacco shops in Budapest. Just click on the district and the shops will be listed:


It seems like a healthy rule that youngsters are not allowed to buy a pack of cigarette under the age of 18, but in Hungary they cannot actually be in the shop, not even with adult supervision. If you are travelling with kids, remember to leave them outside when you go in for your daily pack


A tobacco shop from the inside
A tobacco shop from the inside

What can you get in a cigarette shop?

Here is the list of items you can buy in a tobacco shop:

  • Pack of cigarettes (any smoking-related products: lighters, matches, tobacco leaves, wrapping paper etc.)
  • Alcoholic drinks (mostly beer and wine)
  • Chewing gum, sweets
  • Soft drinks (energy drinks)
  • Budapest transportation tickets
  • Mobil top-ups
  • Magazines

Always check first if they accept euros. Even if they do, probably the exchange rate is really bad. Pay by credit card instead.

Did you know?

The price for a pack of cigarette is considerably cheaper compared to Western-European prices. But be careful and don’t load your luggage with tons of packs of cigarettes cause they need to be customized at the border and only one big package of tobacco (including 10 packs) per person can be taken home without the border guards raising an eyebrow.

Important note

Smoking is NOT allowed in restaurants, bars or shops, usually, there is a designated area where you can light up. Smoking in the wrong place can result in heavy fines. You can smoke in the street but keep away from bus/tram stops, they are also forbidden spots

Where to buy alcohol in Budapest?

Have you been in Budapest for a few hours and you could kill for a cold hungarian beer?
There are plenty of options, getting your booze is a lot easier than buying a pack.
Almost every food shop has alcoholic drinks too (e.g.: Tesco, Spar, Aldi, Lidl etc.).
The range of booze offered may change though based on the size of the supermarket and the location of the shop. The bigger the shop is, the wider the range of alcoholic drinks is.
A wine shop

A wine shop
A wine shop

I would like to buy quality wine and alcoholic drinks

If you are a wine specialist, don’t waste your time going to your local Aldi or Tesco Express, because you won’t find what you need there. There are really good wine shops in Budapest, where you can taste Hungarian and National types of wine too.

Bortársaság has several shops scattered around Budapest where you can buy a really nice bottle in person. For the location of the shops check out their website: https://www.bortarsasag.hu/en/
If you prefer something stronger, like the famous Hungarian liquor, called Pálinka, you can visit one of the best shops for tasting.

Magyar Pálinka Háza has got all sorts of Pálinka and even more. Check out their address on their website and plan a visit: https://www.magyarpalinkahaza.hu/kapcsolat/
If you don’t feel like visiting any shops and you are a convenient shopper, check out this website for online shopping. They offer everything that you might need and your basket will be delivered to your front door.

Italszaküzlet.hu: https://italszakuzlet.hu/

Wine selection
Wine selection

I would like to buy quality beer

Hungary is a beer-drinking nation, but we have got our own debatably good-quality beers. Men around the age of 50-60 grew up in communism where you obviously drank only Hungarian-produced beers. It has started to be fashionable to drink quality craft beer and the number of small beer producers has gone up. You can buy a nice bottle of beer in bigger supermarkets or if you feel like buying a bottle of special Hungarian craft beer check out this place:

Important note

You can only purchase alcohol if you are older than 18! Drinking in public is forbidden! (although police turn a blind eye to this unless there is trouble)

Chinese shop
Chinese shop
Chinese shop from inside
Chinese shop from inside

If you are on a budget trip to Budapest, these are the best options for you:

There are some typical places in Budapest where you can buy liquor for cheap. The so-called, “Chinese shops” offer the cheapest selection of booze. They can be found at every corner of Budapest.
Or if you wish to sit down for your budget beer, look for the tiny and gloomy-looking „bars” (the younger the customers look like, the cheaper the booze is) that sell alcohol at a reasonable price.


You won’t find these sort of „kocsma” places in the busiest part of Budapest, you need to wander around a bit. Unfortunately, they don’t have a website either.


All in all, we all wish to have some fun from time to time. If you feel like a cigarette or a glass of wine make up your mind about the quality you want to consume and pick a shop accordingly. Definitely try some Hungarian wines from the Balaton region and the world-famous Pálinka (very strong liquor). Check out the best places where to do your food shopping!

Drink shop in Budapest
Drink shop in Budapest
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