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Doboz, the premium ruin bar of Budapest

Complete with quality drinks, a huge metal gorilla, and other unique interior designs elements, Doboz is the most premium ruin bar of Budapest. 


Clubs on top of clubs, tens of thousands of people, buzzing atmosphere, cheap drinks, and the scent of street food – this is what Budapest’s nightlife looks and feels like on a regular night. However, in the early 2000s, another attraction showed up in the scene alluring many locals and tourists: a bit worn-down but funky ruin bars. Nowadays, Budapest has nearly two dozen of them in all shapes and sizes. You can dance in the ruin pub complex of Instant-Fogas, enjoy fancy Jewsih food in Mazel Tov, or experience the authentic ruin pub spirit in Szimpla Kert. But if you’d like to see what it is like to party in a premium ruin pub till morning, you have to visit Doboz!

The unique interiors of Doboz

Doboz is located on Klauzál Street in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest. This place is definitely a must-visit if you’re interested in the colorful contrasts this city provides. Having been made out of a classic downtown residential building, it’s equipped with the signature ruin pub features and has eclectic furnishing in the garden, but somehow it’s still more sophisticated than a regular ruin pub. If you enter the bars and the garden of the venue, you will find the creative artworks and sculptures of young Hungarian artists giving the interior of this ruin bar a more artistic feeling. Tourists especially enjoy shooting photographs (not bullets like in the shooting range budapest) with the huge, red-eyed, wooden gorilla that is hugging the oldest tree of the entire Budapest party district. This famous tree is about 320 years old.  

The famous wooden gorilla of Doboz, the premium ruin bar of Budapest
The famous wooden gorilla of Doboz, the premium ruin bar of Budapest

The awe-striking central installation of Doboz was created by none other than world-famous industrial-style sculptor Miklós Gábor Szőke, who also designed and created the façade of the building and the decoration of the central bar. Furthermore, the iconic logo of Doboz was designed by the well-known artist, Eszter Laki, who took part in decorating many other clubs as well in downtown Budapest.

Unmatched atmosphere in Doboz

Doboz offers quality drinks for a fair price from every Tuesday to Saturday night. The ruin bar houses two exciting dance floors offering eight different music styles that are played by the top DJ’s of Hungary. Thanks to this, you could feel like you’re in a different venue every night as the atmosphere continuously changes. Also, don’t be surprised if you see yourself on the internet the next day, as the venue’s own photographer is there every night to take professional photos of cheerfully partying people. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about getting your fix of pre-drinking meals or drunk munchies either as Doboz has its own inside grill bar offering all the current favorites of the Budapest nightlife from hot dogs through quesadillas to hamburgers.

The inside garden of Doboz, the premium ruin bar of Budapest
The inside garden of Doboz, the premium ruin bar of Budapest

Oddities in Doboz

The management of Doboz has also thought of the neighbors who live nearby, so they hired special “calming clowns” who spend their night out in the street getting people to stay quiet. This unusual method works miracles as people standing in line outside are much more likely to stay silent if asked in such an entertaining way. Also, who would have the nerve to talk back to a clown?

On another note, would you like to know something about Doboz that you won’t find in any official statements? This venue is a pretty popular go-to place if you’re looking for hookups. The reason behind is unknown, it might be the special atmosphere (love is in the air?), but if you’re looking for temporary love, this ruin pub is an excellent choice. And who knows, in search of a one-night stand, you might end up finding the love of your life.

Artsy interior design in Doboz, the premium ruin bar of Budapest
Artsy interior design in Doboz, the premium ruin bar of Budapest

Without a doubt, Doboz has the trendiest interior design of all the ruin bars in the city – an accomplishment the owners of the bar are rightfully proud of. Every little detail of the interior is carefully constructed to comfortably accommodate around 1500 people, which is part of the reason Doboz is often called a “premium ruin bar”. Next time you’re in town, visit Doboz and let yourself be taken away by the best nightlife experience in Budapest that you could possibly have.

How to get here

Take the 4-6 tram, Metro line 2, or one of the many buses to Blaha Lujza tér and walk 5 more minutes. 

Q & A

Are all ruin bars the same?
No, the ruin bar category implies a venue that is housed in an old building which originally was made for housing. Usual characteristics are the eclectic furniture, the presence of arts and the diversity. Although, you can find different types of ruin bars: fancy restaurants, huge party complexes, outdoor places and premium venues as well.
What is the best ruin bar in Budapest?
It’s hard to say as all of them have their own charm and profile. If you’re looking for a high-quality venue, Doboz is definitely a good choice as it’s categorized as a premium ruin bar.

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