Budapest in July: Enjoy a Fantastic Summer Vacation

Because the weather stays nice throughout most of the month, you’ll discover that July is the perfect time to visit Budapest because most of the programs, events, and festivals are held outdoors.


It is not unusual to experience a summer storm in Budapest during this month, including thunder and lightning.

You will want to have a plan in place to take precautions if you get caught outside during one of these precipitation events.

How to Plan a trip to Budapest in July

How to plan your trip to Budapest in July? July is typically the hottest month in Budapest. You’ll get to experience plenty of sunshine as the rainy season ends, which means you’ll want some water and comfortable shoes as you explore the city. Most people wear a hat to protect their skin, and sunglasses can reduce issues with a glare that can sometimes develop along the River Danube.

July means that Budapest is going to be packed with visitors. You may need to give yourself an hour or two at each event or landmark to ensure there’s enough time to explore. It is a time of night parties, open-air terraces, rooftop bars, and long days at the bath, so you’ll want to bring a variety of items to support your itinerary.

Most people come into Budapest to enjoy a specific event or festival in July, so planning ahead for your accommodations is essential. It is not unusual for multiple parties and cultural activities to be happening simultaneously, so staying in the district where most of your itinerary happens is going to save you a lot of transportation time.

The sun does get hot in July, so bring some lip balm with you as you explore the city. It’s also a lot of fun to get some gelato as you explore, and several street vendors can accommodate your cravings.

Then remember that several of the festivities in Budapest this month involve food and alcohol, so consider alternative transportation arrangements as needed based on what you plan to enjoy.

Events to Enjoy in Budapest in July

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble often hosts a summer series of concerts that get started in July. Tickets are necessary, but they are priced reasonably so that you can hear the melodies of some of the world’s greatest composers. The playlist does side a little toward Franz Liszt in many performances, but it is an enjoyable experience for an evening with friends or loved ones.

Hungarian folk dance
Hungarian folk dance

You can also enjoy a summer outdoor concert series at the Castle Garden Bazaar on the banks of the River Danube during a visit in July.

The Liberty Bridge Festival is held each weekend in Budapest during this month. It’s the green bridge at the Great Market Hall in Pest, and the structure is for pedestrians only during the event. The southern sidewalk does permit bicycles if you decide to rent one as a way to explore the city. There are concerts, a Spartan race, Yoga lessons, and Jazz performances all included with this fun time.

Libertity Bridge Festival
Summer Festival

Summer Festival

July also means that the Summer Festival in Budapest swings into high gear. It begins in June, offering dance, opera, and children’s programs at three primary venues. You can head over to Margaret Island to the open-air stage or the water tower, or you can go to the theater in Varosmajor.

The Vajdahunyadvar Summer Music Festival happens throughout the month of July at City Park with evening concerts. One of the highlights of these performances is the Gypsy Symphony Orchestra.

Gypsy Symphony Orchestra

Tips for Enjoying Budapest in July

You will find several opportunities to step outside of your comfort zone to try something new during your time in Budapest this month. Several events take place in the city that can help you to explore new spectacles.

One of the most popular events in Budapest and Hungary is the Red Bull Air Race held each July in Zamardi, by the Lake Balaton, or along the river in front of the Parliament building. Hundreds of thousands of people come out to see the daring feats of the pilots in their planes.

red bull air race
Red Bull air race

Formula 1 Race

The Formula 1 Grand Prix of Hungary is typically held in either July or August in Mogyorod, which is a short drive from Budapest. You can visit the pits the day before the race happens to see the cars and meet the teams. If you love race cars, then this event is not to be missed.

Pride: the party of LMBTQ+

The Budapest Pride Festival typically happens around the beginning of July, but it can be anywhere between June to September, depending on the year. It’s not just a parade that happens in the city as some films get shown at various venues to celebrate the event.


What Will You Discover in Budapest in July?

The typical July day in Budapest is going to start early, end late, and have you ready to enjoy the long hours all over again the next day. It’s an opportunity to get all of your sightseeing done during the day before enjoying the laser lights and bumping music at one of the spa parties or nightclubs in the city.

It can get hot enough in July that finding some shade becomes a necessity. Since the skies stay blue throughout most of the month, a comfortable spot underneath a tree by the river is one of your best options.

A high volume of visitors will come through the city, but Budapest is used to managing those circumstances. Be prepared for the hotel rates to rise, but there are still opportunities at every budget level. If you prefer hostels, the available space can disappear rather quickly. You will want to plan ahead to ensure that you can follow your itinerary.

Castle bus

Sightseeing with a funny open bus

Take the Castle Bus from Deak Ferenc Square to Castle Hill for a fantastic experience during your stay in the city. It’s a little slower, but you’ll have more sightseeing options than being on a tram. It’s also a lot cheaper than taking a taxi.

Bring along some Dobos Torta to satisfy a snack craving, and you will discover that summer in Budapest is one of the best experiences that life offers today.

Dobos torta
Dobos torta
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