fireworks on the 20th of August
fireworks on the 20th of August

Budapest in August: Bring the Sunscreen!

The summer heat settles in during the month of August in Budapest. You’ll find the warm weather is perfect for sightseeing, long strolls along the river, and outdoor dining experiences.


It doesn’t often rain in Budapest in August, but it can also provide a heavy shower if precipitation does decide to fall. You will find that the consistent sunshine and incredible culinary experiences offer a fuel that helps you to explore all of the city’s magnificent sites.

The one thing that you won’t want to forget is the sunscreen when you explore outside all day. It can get a little chilly in the evenings, but that won’t matter if you’re not feeling up to the concerts or parties because your skin was left unprotected!

How to Plan for a Trip to Budapest  in August

You will want to bring along lightweight clothing for your August trip to Budapest. The weather is slowly transitioning toward autumn, but the heat is still going to be in the air. Cold nights can happen in the summer, so it helps to have a jacket available if you’re going to one of the pool parties that last deep into the night.

It also helps to keep water-resistant clothing or an umbrella available in case a shower decides to fall. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit too!

Many of the festivals are starting to conclude in August, so Budapest tends to be at its busiest during this month. You’ll want to book a hotel well in advance, especially if you need specific accommodations.

If it gets a little too warm for your liking, the city’s location along a geological fault means that you have access to plenty of pools. Try going to Palatinus Baths in the summer on Margaret Island. It offers 11 pools in total, including two dedicated for swimming purposes. Then you can enjoy the last days of the Summer Festival after you’ve had some fun.

Some attractions are only open weather-permitting, so you will need to have backup plans in place in case the weather turns on you for some reason.

August Events to Enjoy in Budapest

Summer festival

Sziget Festival and more

Many of the events that happen in Budapest during the month of August got their start in either June or July. The Summer Festival tends to be one of the most popular activities for tourists and locals alike, and there are several concert series and outdoor performances that you can find in the parks and green spaces.
Some of the season-long events do require tickets, and they do sometimes sell out in advance. When you confirm the dates that you’ll be in Budapest, it is an excellent idea to ensure that every item on your itinerary gets finalized at the same time.

Fireworks and the Feast of New Bread

August 20th is St. Stephen’s Day in Hungary, so you will find several events throughout Budapest that recognize this historic figure. The holiday is similar to the independence celebrations that you can experience in other countries each year. After a day filled with various festivities, the event culminates in a spectacular fireworks show over the River Danube.

20th of August
St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilic

Don’t forget about attending High Mass at St. Stephen’s Basilica during your stay. An elevator takes you up to the dome for a breathtaking view, so the small fee is definitely worth the experience.

Festival of Folk Arts

The Festival of Folk Arts occurs over the weekend of St. Stephen’s Day. You can head up to Buda Castle to see a variety of folk crafts from local artists, ranging from egg painting to woodcarving. Plenty of hands-on activities are available to enjoy, along with live music and traditional dance. Make sure to have a glass of wine and palinka!

The castle of Buda and its surroundings under Ottoman rule

This time of year also marks the day when the first loaves of bread from the new harvest start coming out of the ovens in Hungary. Budapest and many of the cities and towns across the country celebrate this occasion in various ways.

bread on 20th of August
Freshly baked bread with a red-white-green ribbon

Tips for Enjoying Budapest in August

Budapest lights off their fireworks on St. Stephen’s Day from both sides of the Danube. Reserving a seat can be challenging if you’re in the city that day, so it helps to book a hotel somewhere near Buda Castle or the shoreline so that you can get the best views.

fireworks on the 20th of August
Fireworks on the 20th of August

Most locations in the city will accept a debit or credit card for transactions. If you want some gelato from a street vendor, then it may be a cash-only affair. The national currency isn’t the euro, which means you’ll need to visit a currency exchange to get the forint, the hungarian currency. You might see people offering a better rate than the licensed providers, but the best practice is only to use the official bureaus to avoid a potential scam.

Budapest is a lot of fun to explore on foot in the summer. The pedestrian precincts in Pest and Castle Hill allow you to find hidden gems at whatever pace you prefer. Daytime and evening transports are available, with options going around the clock.

What Will You Discover in Budapest in August?

Budapest in August will have you feeling like you’re a local during your stay. Whether your plans involve a weekend or something longer, you’ll discover that the end of summer is one of the most exciting times to visit. There is an energy present in the city that you can’t find during the colder months of the year.

The landmarks of the city are always a beautiful spot to linger in Budapest. Get there early in August if you want to enjoy fewer crowds. When tickets are necessary for a tour, then make sure to purchase them in advance so that you can experience the day.



Whether you prefer one of the bath parties, time at a ruin bar, or exciting moments at one of the markets, Budapest has something for everyone in August. You will find that this month is a great time to meet new people, spend time with loved ones, and become part of one of the world’s best cities.

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