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Budapest in May: Summer Is on the Horizon

A visit to Budapest in May is one of the best times of the year to experience the city. There is still a chance for showers to happen, but the rain won’t stop the warmer temperatures from arriving. You will detect the first hints of summer starting to come your way.


May is the ideal time to visit Budapest because the temperatures are perfect for sightseeing. You’ll get to avoid the crush of tourism during the busy season at the city’s landmarks and attractions, but the city is significantly more active when compared to the winter months.

If your plans go deeper into the month, there is a higher risk of experiencing rain during your trip. You’ll want to pack accordingly for the wet weather.

Planning a Trip for Budapest in May

Because of the high propensity for rain in Budapest during this month, you’ll need to dress accordingly for the weather. Most local residents use a trench coat to stay dry, partnered with an umbrella. Then you can stay warm while enjoying one of the cooler evenings that come along during your time in the city.

It helps to dress in layers when visiting Budapest in May. Blazers, jackets, and sweaters are still items you will see worn routinely during this month. The skies like to stay overcast more often than not, so make sure that your shoes can support whatever activities you decide to include on your itinerary.

If you have a sweatshirt or hoodie that you can bring along, then you’ll stay warm during your travels. Several shops can accommodate your clothing needs as you explore the city should the weather change.

Budapest Events to Add to Your Itinerary in May

May begins with a festive atmosphere in Budapest because the first day of the month is a national holiday. Hungary celebrates the event with outdoor activities, concerts, and other gatherings. Most of the businesses in the city close for May Day, but the Turkish baths, some of the spas, and the museums typically stay open.

gourmet festival

Gourmet Food Festival

The Gourmet Food Festival is a fun event that happens during the third week of May in Millenaris Park. If you make your way to this spot in the city, then you’ll have the opportunity to try the local beer, wine, or cheese. Several chefs from the best restaurants in Budapest show off their skills during this weekend experience, so it is one that’s definitely worth trying.

Beer and wine feature prominently in the Belgian Beer Festival and the Rosalia Festival, held annually in the middle of the month or at the very end of it, respectively. You will have the chance to sample over 100 different brews, taste new sparkling wines, and even come away with souvenir glasses to commemorate the experience. Live music is often playing, and City Park regularly hosts the events.


The Festival of Museums is another fantastic event to consider attending if you visit Budapest in May. Over 100 museums and galleries provide offerings at the festival, giving attendees a chance to take a virtual tour of each one. Dance, theater, and live music feature prominently as entertainment options. Family-friendly events are also on the agenda for this mid-month experience.

Ideas to Help You Enjoy Budapest in May

Budapest in May is a celebration of the art and culture of the city. The Budapest 100 event, which is held the first week of the month, allows you to celebrate the architecture of the town that’s more than a century old. You get to experience a behind-the-scenes look at more than 50 destinations, including homes, businesses, and offices.

Shows take place at several venues around the city in May. The Gypsy concerts are particularly enjoyable, and you can find a diverse variety of genres from which to choose in Budapest. Everything from classical to religious music provides opportunities to get to know the culture better.

You won’t see the long lines form around the best landmarks in Budapest in May, but the city is busier than it would be during a winter visit. You will want to add a few minutes to your schedule at each stop to ensure that you can account for a possible queue.

Gödöllő Palace

Gödöllő Palace.

May is the perfect time to take a day trip to see Gödöllő Palace. Queen Elizabeth reportedly fell in love with the estate during her visit, and it’s not difficult to see why during your stay. This fantastic 18th-century structure features Zopf and Baroque styling with massive gardens that are in bloom during the month. Tours are on Thursdays and Saturdays only, so you will want to plan ahead.

Then finish up your trip to Budapest in May with a culinary journey through the city, even if you aren’t in town for the Gourmet Food Festival. The local dishes are always an experience that makes you linger, whether you’re enjoying Langos or a sweet Túró Rudi.

What Will You Find in Budapest in May?

The flowers are beginning to bloom in the gardens. You can detect the faint smell of summer on the breeze. Budapest in May can see sunshine or rain, but it will also host one of the most memorable trips of your life if you allow it to do so.

You have plenty of opportunities to try all of the activities that get marketed to tourists in Budapest. Instead of a long walk, you might consider taking a Segway around the city to see the best sights and landmarks. There are river cruises along the Danube that invite you to try a different perspective.

St. Stephen’s Basilica and Vörösmarty Square are always notable attractions to consider exploring. One of the best ways to see everything is to invest in a Budapest City Pass so that you can ride public transportation without charge – and the Metro covers almost the entire city with its four lines.

St. Stephen’s Basilica
St. Stephen’s Basilica

Budapest in May is an exceptional experience. You will want to plan your stay to experience it this year.

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