Budapest in summer
Budapest in summer

Budapest in June: Bring on the Rain!

Budapest in June can provide you with spectacular sunsets, gourmet dishes, and some of the best coffee on the planet. It is also the month when local residents experience the most rain.


Temperatures are going to soar well into the comfortable zone for exploring, so you don’t need to worry about a coat most days. Having some gear to repel the rain can be a helpful experience.

If you don’t want to pack an umbrella, then you can easily pick one up in one of Budapest’s many shops if a sudden downpour happens. The evenings can get a little cool sometimes, so consider bringing a light jacket for those times when you want to experience the city’s nightlife. Your terrace seating options at the restaurants and wine bars can get a little breezy.

How to Plan a Trip for Budapest in June

June is one of the most popular months for tourism in Budapest, so you must plan your stay well in advance to have a successful experience. If you want a hostel or hotel that puts you in the heart of the city, you may need 3-6 months of advanced booking to ensure that you get the space. Any tickets that you’ll need for city events should be bought before coming to lock-in your itinerary.

Budapest in June offers plenty of exploration opportunities, but the lines can get long very quickly. Tours of the Parliament building often sell out quickly, so it helps to work with tour guides or organizers. If you have the option to book your place before arrival, then the experience you have in the city should be smooth and effortless.

The Hungarian Parliament, one of the most iconic buildings of Budapest
Hungarian Parliament

Plan your time in the city as you would any other trip during the month of June. You’ll want to bring at least one warm item with you in case it gets a little cold. If you decide to walk the Danube Promenade, the breeze from the river can send some chills your way, even if it is a warm summer’s day.

Best Events to Experience in Budapest this Month

If it doesn’t happen in May, then the Night of the Museums is one of the best events that Budapest hosts in June. It is so popular that the city organizes bus services to the various destinations during this fun evening. Tickets are necessary, but the price of your transportation is often built into that cost. You will get to meet artists, see exhibitions, and learn a lot about Hungarian art.

night of museums
Night of museums

Another fun option to consider is the Danube Carnival. This cultural event brings out the traditional Hungarian costumes all over the city. You’ll get to see people performing traditional folk dances, and several groups from all over Europe will come to participate. The primary venue is on Margaret Island, but there are several venues along the river that can help you to get to know the city better.

danube carnival
Danube carnival

The Czech Beer Festival is another fun occasion that happens in Budapest in June. You’ll need to make your way to Varoshaza Park to enjoy the festivities, with about 40 different types of beer available to sample. It’s usually held over one of mid-month weekends, but the date can be somewhat variable.

beer festival
Beer festival

June is the perfect month to enjoy a concert in the city, as numerous venues host live events throughout the day or night. You’ll see the best shows at the Palace of Arts or the Liszt Music Academy, but there are also street performers that will help you to enjoy your time in Budapest.

Tips to Enjoy Budapest in June

June is when Budapest becomes alive with its nightlife, and it is a party that can last for several months. You can enjoy the gala concerts in the city, visit the ruin bars, or enjoy an outdoor pool party at one of the famous baths.

Party boat

Boat Parties

The boat parties in Budapest are also regular events for you to enjoy in June. You can take a late-night ride to explore the city, and then finish at the club where the experience ends to have a great time.

If you don’t want to stay out very late when visiting Budapest, consider having one of the dinner cruises instead. You’ll receive a guided tour as you float along the Danube, filled with live music, wine, and some of your favorite local dishes.

Buda Castle Tour

When your preference is to stay on land, then the Buda Castle tours are a fun way to explore the impressive structures. Your guide can tell you about the history of the region while pointing out specific items that sometimes get missed when you have the freedom to explore by yourself.

Buda Castle

You can also take advantage of the market hall tours in Budapest during your stay if you want to learn more about Hungarian cuisine. It’s a chance to try different foods and beverages, and the National Days in the Great Market Hall happens this month as a program to discover different tastes.

What Will You Discover in Budapest in June?

Summers are starting a little earlier than in past generations, so be prepared for some hot weather during your stay in Budapest in June. It can also get chilly in the evening, and seasonal showers can appear out of nowhere.

The Budapest Summer Festival starts swinging into high gear during the month with a free gala evening and events that take place on Margaret Island. Over 100 programs are held during the season, so there are lots of ways for you to enjoy some time in the city.

Summer festival
Summer festival

One of the hidden gems that you’ll discover is the summer concerts in the Courtyard of Pest County Hall. It’s a series of classical performances by Concerto Budapest, featuring Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart in this historic venue. If a shower arrives, then make your way to the Aula Magna of the ELTE University at Egyetem to enjoy the show.

Budapest in June can get busy, but it can also be a fun experience if you plan ahead. Consider all of your options, grab your tickets, and be prepared to be amazed!

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