Budapest in February
Budapest in winter

Budapest in February: You’ll Love the City

Budapest in February is a time of transition. You can start to feel the first inklings of a spring breeze from time to time, but there can also be some snow lingering on the ground. It feels like the city is about to awaken from a months’ long slumber. That’s why it can be an exciting time to visit restaurants, museums, and cafés all over the city.


You’ll still find people looking for ways to avoid cold temperatures in February, which means the tourism traffic is a little lighter. Your itinerary will fill up with fun ways to stay warm while soaking in the many fantastic sights that you can only discover in Budapest.

What to Bring for Budapest in February

The average temperatures in Budapest finally climb above the freezing mark with February comes along. There’s a chill still lingering in the air, but it won’t feel like your bones are numb after spending a few minutes outside.

Snow can still fall in the city during this month, especially since the nighttime temperatures can dip well below freezing. The days are a little longer, but you will want to pack warmly for your trip. It helps to dress in layers so that you can be ready for whatever Hungary’s climate wants to throw your way.

Most people will want to bring their scarves, gloves, and a hat if they plan to walk around the city. A winter jacket is helpful, as are wool socks and water-resistant shoes or boots.

If you don’t like cold temperatures, a set of thermal underwear should come along for your visit.

Best Events to Find in Budapest in February

Romance is in the air when you visit Budapest in February. All of the castles, bridges, and restaurants become places where you can have a quiet moment with someone you love. Valentine’s Day is surprisingly busy in the city, so you might want to plan ahead if you’re going to enjoy a concert, dinner, or a trip to one of the thermal baths during your stay.

There’s enough in Budapest to keep you busy all month long during your stay in February, even if you’re not sharing it with a significant other.

mangalica festival

The Mangalica Festival starts at the beginning of the month. It celebrates a local species of pig that is the foundation of many Hungarian dishes.

The carnival season continues in February in Budapest, ending on Ash Wednesday with a celebration that includes masquerades and festive events.

You can also enjoy the Budapest Fish Festival that takes place in the middle of the month. The smell of the crispy sea bream, fried to perfection, will have you feeling hungry even if you recently ate.

fish festival

You can even take part in the February 2 tradition of whether or not a bear sees its shadow to determine if there will be an early spring or a prolonged winter. It’s similar to Groundhog Day in its approach, but something that has distinctive Hungarian flair to it.

Travel Tips for Budapest in February


You will find several ice rinks still operational when you visit Budapest in February. If the weather is warm enough, you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon skating around. If the facilities at City Park are too busy for your preference, then you can try the rink along the River Danube near the Whale/Balna Shopping and Cultural Center.

The river provides excellent sightseeing opportunities if you want to experience Budapest from a different perspective. It can be chilly on the water, so it helps to choose a tour with a heated craft so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. When you book a winter cruise on the river, you’ll go from one end of the city to the other over several hours, and it is one of the best ways to see Margaret Island or the Liberty Statue.

boat during the day

boat at night

You’ll find several musical performances and dance ensembles at the Budapest Opera House throughout the month of February. The calendar includes many local favorites from Puccini and Tchaikovsky. Even though the building was completed in 1884, it remains precisely the same as it did during its first evening of operation.

Tours are often available, even if the structure is closed for refurbishment work.

You can also select one of the thermal baths at any time to warm up, even if you see the city by yourself. Over 100 different springs are found throughout Budapest, resulting in more than a dozen formal Turkish baths to enjoy. You can sit in one of the sauna rooms, schedule a massage if needed, or take advantage of other options if you want to enjoy a more custom experience.

Rudas bath: turkish bath

If you like to go sledding or skiing, then a quick trip over to Normafa will satisfy your craving. You’ll find it in the 12th district with hills that are perfect for some fun. The air is clean and crisp, but it will be a little crowded on the weekend because it’s one of the best outdoor activities available in February.


What Will You Find in Budapest in February?

You can find a diverse variety of activities awaiting your arrival in Budapest in February. A trip to the city during this month will let you enjoy the first feelings of spring in Hungary while the bigger crowds that will appear later in the year are still gone. You can see all of the sights and landmarks without worrying about when or how to get to your destination.

It can stay cold in Budapest throughout the month of February, especially during the evening hours. If you plan to stay out for the entire day, then it helps to dress in layers so that you can be comfortable in any weather.

Budapest always provides opportunities to embrace history, tour museums, and explore the artistic side of the city throughout the year. If you want to enjoy a unique and affordable experience, then plan your itinerary for February. It will be a most enjoyable stay.

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