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Füge Udvar of Budapest

 Visit Budapest’s Füge Udvar for a cool drink in the beer garden.


If you’re exploring the famous ruin bars of Budapest, you don’t want to miss Füge Udvar. Aptly named ‘Fig Garden’, visitors lazily lounge about in the cool shade of a majestic elder fig tree at the heart of this Mediterranean-styled pub. Located smack dab in the middle of Klauzál Street in the city’s popular 7th district (also known as the Party District), Füge is full of life, drawing in huge crowds to mingle and chat with a drink in hand. So, find a spot on one of the many welcoming colorful benches in this popular beer garden — the perfect place to be on a hot summer’s evening in Budapest. 

The elegant elder fig tree in the heart of Füge Udvar
The elegant elder fig tree in the heart of Füge Udvar

Like other ruin pubs in Budapest, Füge is renovated old tenement house, and the grimy exterior adds personality and character to an otherwise typical bar. During the day, it offers the perfect hangout spot for family and small groups, with a vast drink menu to please every age. But at night, the bar really comes alive — the place is transformed from a peaceful calm into an all-night rave with plenty of drinking and dancing in the basement rooms. 

The dance floor is calling in Füge Udvar 
The dance floor is calling in Füge Udvar 

Is your birthday approaching? Book a party room for your next big event to celebrate. With table tennis, a pool table, table football — and even an upstairs escape room — everyone will be entertained all night long. And thanks to an extensive menu of international and Hungarian beers, wines, and hard liquor at great prices, you can get the best bang for your buck as you party the night away. 

If your team is playing, head to Füge Udvar as one of the best sport bars to watch the game on the big screen. The bar shows all the important football matches and championships for both locals and tourists. The matches are projected on a massive screen, so you can find a comfy spot to enjoy the game even in the back. During the Euros and World Cup, you can find the place packed with passionate Hungarian fans and tourists alike. And, if you start feeling hungry after all that beer and cheering, grab a freshly baked slice of delicious pizza from the main bar. 

Although Füge is the place to be in the summer, it’s also covered and heated throughout the winter season. So, next time you’re out exploring Budapest, make sure to plan an exciting trip to Füge Udvar for an unforgettable experience.

Guests sitting inside Füge Udvar
Guests sitting inside Füge Udvar

Whether you’re looking to spend a peaceful summer afternoon in a relaxing beer garden, a wild night on the town with friends, Fuge Udvar had better be on your list of must-see ruin bars in Budapest. And, as ruin bars go, it is one that’s more frequented by locals, so you’ll get a more authentic cultural experience than the more popular Szimpla Kert and Instant- Fogas. It’s a great place to grab a drink while exploring the 7th district, or celebrate a birthday or team win. When you’re ready, the fig garden is waiting. 

Looking to discover more of the party district? 

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Q & A

Is there a beer garden in Budapest?
Head to Füge Udvar on Klauzál utca for a drink in the shady beer garden.
What is the best beer garden in Budapest?
Füge Udvar is a great place for a cool drink on a hot summer’s day.
Which beer garden is good for families in Budapest?
Füge Udvar is rated as a great place for families during the day.
Is Füge Udvar open at night?
Füge Udvar turns into a dance club at night and it’s open until 4am.

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