budapest in march
budapest in march

Budapest in March: A Time for Unpredictable Fun

Budapest provides three critical elements for everyone to explore when visiting the city in March.


You have Buda on one side of the river, Pest on the other, and fun experiences on the Danube to enjoy. The Hungarian capital might be in one of its cloudiest months as it begins the preparations for summer, but there are still many fascinating experiences available to see.

If you are lucky enough to avoid the rain when visiting Budapest in March, then one of the best ways to enjoy the city is to sit at one of the many cafés. You can sip on some coffee, enjoy a glass of wine, or order your favorite cocktail while enjoying the architecture with its distinctive Art Nouveau flair.

What to Bring for Budapest in March

The temperatures in Budapest begin to surge upward in March, but the evenings are still going to be chilly. You’ll discover that the worst of winter has gone away, but freezing temps are always a possibility during the overnight hours. You will want to dress in layers if you enjoy the city’s nightlife this month to ensure that you can remain comfortable. When the sun is shining in Budapest in March, then it becomes quite comfortable. You will see local residents outside enjoying the day wearing t-shirts and jeans.

There are 11 days of rain on average in March, so you will want to bring a raincoat or something that won’t get you soaked if an unexpected shower blows through. It helps to bring a scarf to block out the wind, while seaters and hoodies are perfect for layering. If you plan to explore the sights on foot, then a comfortable pair of shoes is essential. Ankle boots are also fashionable this time of year.

Best Events to Add to Your Budapest Itinerary in March

Budapest offers visitors four unique events to experience if they make their way to the city in March.

dance festival

Budapest Dance Festival

The first option is the Budapest Dance Festival. This event showcases all of the styles and performers that come to the city to perform at the various theaters, stages, and companies. It gets started during the last week of February, but you can catch the last couple of days if you travel here in the first days of March.

Revolution Day

…is a significant holiday in Hungary. It happens on March 15th each year, and it celebrates the uprising of 1848. You’ll get to see a parade in the city and participate in several events.

15th of March
macaron day

International Macaron Day

…is celebrated in Budapest on March 20th, which means the pastry shops and bakeries will be full of this delicious treat. It’s more of an unofficial event for the city, but you can almost always find special discounts so that you can save some money while enjoying one of the best items you can find here.

Spring Festival

The Spring Festival gets started in March in Budapest, and this marks the beginning of the concert season. You’ll see performances scheduled throughout the city, along with a traditional fair for you to explore. Over 200 events are available over two weeks, with the first days happening at the end of the month.

spring festival

Iconic Landmarks

You also have the option to visit the many landmarks that make Budapest such a special place to be. Try taking a walking on the cobbled streets to see the Parliament building, which is the third-largest in the world. Hungary inaugurated the structure in 1886 to celebrate the millennial anniversary of the country.

You can also visit the Ministry of Agriculture and the Museum of Ethnography when the sun decides to shine.


Tips to Make Your Time in Budapest Special in March

You are beginning to creep closer to the busy tourist season when you visit Budapest in March, but trying to find a place to stay shouldn’t be a problem. The only exception to this observation is if your plans involve the Spring Festival, as rooms often get booked well in advance. You’ll need to plan a few months ahead in that circumstance.

Because Revolution Day is a national holiday, you will want to review what the day’s schedule is at each attraction you hope to see in Budapest. Many of them operate with limited hours or decide to stay closed.

As the colors of spring start coming out across the city, you’ll see more aspects of Hungarian culture breaking through the overcast gloom. Folk costumes are popular during the festival at the end of the month, and you can take part in many local Easter traditions during your stay in the city.

memory of jewish people

Shoes on the Danube Bank

The Danube Promenade is an experience to enjoy in March before the crowds start to form. You’ll find 60 pairs of steel shoes along the banks of the river, commemorating the Jews that were killed there during the atrocities of the war in the 1940s.

How Will You Fill Your Trip to Budapest in March?

Budapest in March might bring hit-or-miss weather with it, but the beauty of the city still shines brightly under skies that might be overcast. You can visit all of the prominent landmarks during your stay, including Matthias Church (The Church of Our Lady), which is a 13th-century masterpiece. The relief that depicts the death of Mary was added in the 1300s.

mathias temple
Matthias church

March is also the perfect time to consider exploring Gellert Hill. This block of Dolomite stands over 200 meters tall, falling steeply toward the river below. The geological fault line that runs through here helps to supply the thermal springs that are the foundation of the city’s Turkish Baths. If you visit the Rudas Baths, then you’ll get to see one of only a few of the buildings that were present during the Turkish occupation of the country.

gellert hill
Gellert hill

Budapest in March provides several opportunities to enjoy an adventure. If you’ve always wanted to see Hungary without the massive crowds, then this month is the perfect time to plan your trip. Even if it gets cold outside, the hospitality will help you to feel warm every day.

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