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When you type Hungary news in the google do you get excited and do you want to know everything? We will show you all the different ways how you can get hold of the latest news on Hungary.


Either you are simply interested in the news about Hungary or you are planning a holiday to the capital of Hungary, it is always worth checking the latest news about the country where you are going in case there are circumstances that may affect your stay. There are several ways how you can get breaking news on Hungary. Should you be the online surfer who casually google on “Hungary news” or should you prefer printed version to get your daily amount of news, it doesn’t matter because we have a solution for everybody. Read the article and pick the one that is closest to your style of absorbing news.

Where Hungary’s destiny is determined – The Parliament
Where Hungary’s destiny is determined – The Parliament

Best ways absorb news on Hungary


There are several options where you can read about the latest, daily news on Hungary in English language online. If you want to read the whole selection of breaking news you might need to subscribe and pay a fee for the unlimited content.

You can also follow and like Facebook pages where you can learn about the news on Hungary. It is more interactive than webpages since you can actively comment or ask questions if you have any.

Printed press

If you belong to the group who prefer holding a freshly printed newspaper in their hand instead of reading online (which helps reducing your internet consumption on your phone) you can always visit a newsstand and buy magazines or newspapers in English language. (do not expect small local newsstands to sell international press)

Watch the news on TV

If there are extraordinary pieces of news about Hungary you would definitely see them on CNN or on BBC channel as well. Plus there is a 10-min news at night on the Hungarian M1 and Duna World channels for those who are interested in Hungarian news. 

Talk to the locals

It is always a good idea to talk to local people to educate yourself about the news in Hungary. Try the more touristic places, restaurants or hotels where people are most likely to speak English and engage in a conversation with them. You will learn more from them and about how Hungarians think about politics, business or people than from reading news.

Where to buy newspapers in Hungary?

  • If you feel like reading magazines or newspapers in English aim for bigger newsstands like Relay where you can buy a wide range of international printed press in different languages (including: English, German, French)
  • Or visit the Best Sellers Bookstore where you can purchase the latest printed newspapers (

Useful tips

  1. Always check with the contact person of your booked accommodation if there are any special rules or new laws that could affect your stay in the country. 
  2. Read the latest news before you came to Hungary to make sure that you understand the country and people better and you can also learn valuable pieces of information about the background of the country.
  3. If you wish to read Hungarian literature in English language there is a fabulous book shop near St. Stephen Basilica (Best Sellers Bookstore) that offer books of Hungarian writers.


Luckily, Hungary is a safe country and there should not be many circumstances that affect your visit, but it is always a good idea to get information about your destination and you might understand the Hungarians better if you are aware of what is going on in their country

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