Budapest in the autumn
Budapest in the autumn

Budapest in September: Autumn’s Majesty

Budapest in September is one of those experiences that everyone should have at least once in their lives. The weather is starting to cool off from the heat in July and August, which makes the city come alive with some exciting festivals and live events.


You will see locals recovering from the summer heat by lingering at the outside tables that line the city’s plazas and squares. It is mild enough to be comfortable without feeling cold, so you can see the Art Nouveau architecture of Budapest or explore the Roman ruins at your leisure.

Don’t forget about the option to take a day-long cruise along the Danube to catch a glimpse of some of Budapest’s best landmarks.

September in the city is magical. If you plan ahead for your time in the city, then it can be one of the best experiences of your life.

What to Expect from Budapest in September

The first part of September in Budapest offers hotter temperatures as summer begins to fade toward fall. By the time you reach the end of the month, you can start to feel the crispness in the air as the seasons change. That means you will have a better guarantee of comfortable weather during the best times to do some sightseeing.

It tends to stay reasonably dry in Budapest during September, but you will notice a progressive pattern of cloudiness starts to develop. You’ll find most people exploring in shorts, capris, or something breathable. On the days when it gets a little too cold for comfort, then a light jacket or sweater will make everything feel better.

Unless you take one of the Segway tours, Budapest becomes alive when you take a walking tour of the city. Make sure that you have a comfortable pair of shoes available to have the best possible experience.

Best Events to Experience in Budapest in September

Several festivals and events are held in Budapest in the month of September to celebrate the beginning of the harvest season. You can plan your trip to attend one or all of them based on your personal preferences.The Jewish Summer Festival is a wonderful experience that happens early in the month. It is a celebration that involves music, art, movies, dance, and literature. You’ll find everything taking place at the Great Synagogue, which is the second-largest one in the world today. Make your way over to Dohany Street to enjoy all of the activities.

Jewish summer festival
Jewish summer festival in a church

There is also the Budapest Wine Festival to consider in September. This annual event occurs over three days at Buda Castle, providing you with several tours, tasting opportunities, and parades to enjoy. There are plenty of hidden gems to find if you’re willing to do a little exploring.

You can enjoy the Budafok Champagne and Wine Festival for even more tours and tastings. What is unique about this event is that this district of Budapest is the home to several wine cellars. Instead of the activities taking the traditional approach, organizers have turned it into more of an art walk atmosphere. There are concerts, free tours, and much more to enjoy with this option.

Wine festival
Wine festival

The Hungarian Goose Association hosts its annual Fois Gras festival each September so that you can sample options from different local producers. You can enjoy some cooking classes during the event, and there are several family-friendly activities to enjoy.

If you prefer something sweeter, then Sweet Days is an event dedicated to candy and chocolate.

Budapest marathon
Budapest marathon

Budapest Marathon

You can also come into town to enjoy the Budapest Marathon that happens at the end of September.

Tips for Enjoying Budapest in September

The busy season is over in Budapest by the time you reach September, but savvy travelers know that this month is the perfect time to find some deals. You may need to book a few weeks in advance to ensure that any specific accommodations or tickets are available when crafting an itinerary.

Popular events like the Budapest Marathon can take up most of the hotel and hostel space in the city. If your trip coincides with a major event, then planning early can help you to have a successful experience. You will find fewer crowds exploring the city in September since school is back in session, but Budapest stays busy in the evenings and weekends. There can be long lines at some of the most famous sights to visit, but the queues aren’t as bad as they would be in July or August.

If you plan to visit the city at the end of the month, then it can help to dress in layers. It tends to be cool in the morning, with temperatures peaking by mid-afternoon before starting to decrease again.

When the weather decides not to cooperate with you during your stay, then you have the perfect excuse to spend time in the city’s famous baths.

What Will You Discover in Budapest in September?

September in Budapest is one of the best times to visit. The farms around the city are preparing for the harvest, trees are starting to turn different colors, and the air feels electric with all of this energy.

This month marks the beginning of a new theater season in Budapest, so you’ll find a variety of ballet and opera experiences awaiting your arrival. Many of the venues are small and intimate, providing a magical experience that you can’t find in other European cities.

The city is still a little crowded in September, but Budapest is fun to see during this month because the seasonal shops are starting to wind down their operations for the year. It’s an opportunity for you to find some fantastic deals while enjoying the variety of festivals that happen throughout the month.

If you have never had the opportunity to see Budapest, then consider arriving in September. Try some palacsinta, stroll the city with a rose-shaped gelato, or linger over the local goulash, and you will find that one stay here is never enough to satisfy your cravings.

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