Where is Budapest? What pleasures does this amazing city offer to the tourists? If you are interested, you should read our article on the topic. As everyone knows, who once visited Budapest, this is the city, which you will never forget in your life!

Budapest which is the capital of Hungary is a place full of beautiful sights, scrumptious food and people from all around the world. A country which has more of a vintage touch – old, retro and cheaper, it’s impossible that you won’t find a good wine bar here.

The older the city, the older its wine and old wine is always the best one! So if you are wondering which are some of the best wine bars in Budapest then here is a list of some of the names that are worth experiencing and will definitely make you fall in love with the place more:Budapest is a fantastic tourist attraction in Europe. It is the proud capital in Hungary and a rich historical city. The streets of Budapest are full of exciting tourist attractions that invite millions of tourists from all around the world each year. The city of Budapest has so much to offer from historic sites, buildings, museums, famous landmarks, ancients sites and much more all the way to some amazing entertainment centers and shopping hubs, popular restaurants, cafes, Michelin star dining, relaxing thermal baths and even discos and nightclubs which all are unique and thrilling places offering amazing experiences to the visitors of the city and all locals as well. The tourists of Budapest have so many places to visit and so many exciting sites to explore, the wide range of options and the huge variety of tourist attractions in the site make sure that anyone and everyone who visits the city of Budapest will not be left with an opportunity to be bored or disappointed in any way whatsoever.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is widely thought of as the amazing “Paris of the East”. It is one of the most culturally, traditionally and historically significant metropolises in Eastern Europe. The city of Budapest is home to a large number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are marvelous tourist attractions. Although this place has been populated with human-life since the time of the Stone Age, this attractive city had just formally come into being in 1872 when three of the previously independent towns – Old Buda (Óbuda), Buda, and Pest merged together to become the administrative, commercial, and industrial center and capital state of Hungary. Straddling the River Danube, Budapest is famous for its thermal springs, some of which have been used for therapeutic reasons and cure since ancient times.

The city of Budapest has so many things to do that you will want to spend at least a few days exploring the city and a day or two will not be sufficient to absorb all that it offers. Some of the famous attractions of Budapest include impressive architecture and poignant reminders of 20th-century history as well as vivacious cultural and entertainment scenes. Budapest is enriched with everything from street buskers to classical concerts in its gorgeous churches.

With the large amount of tourist attractions and opportunity of countless sites and places to visit and explore and experiences to enthrall in, there is a growing need of tourist information in Budapest to guide the people and help them organize their trip in a useful manner that allows them to make the absolute best of the time that they wish to spend in the city and explore its streets. Tourist information is important especially in places like Budapest which is such a huge tourist attraction so that tourists are guided and not left confused. It is important to ensure the comfort and ease of the tourists that travel across the world to come to a traditional tourist destination like Budapest. Tourist information Budapest is highly important and adds a great deal of convenience to the overall experience and journey of the tourists and enhances the experience. If tourists are properly guided with the right information they can be well-aware of all the places they want to explore, where to go first, how to plan their trip, what are the best food places to try, how to manage their travel budget and much more.

So to make your trip to Budapest even more enjoyable and properly planned out you should be sure to first get your hands on the correct tourist information of Budapest that will prove to be helpful and on point. The most reliable source for tourist information Budapest, as experienced by many travelers and tourists themselves, is mrticket.hu. This website has all the information you need to successfully travel across Budapest and have an exciting and fulfilling trip across the city of Budapest. So log on to http://www.mrticket.hu/ and find the top answers to your traveling queries and best guides and tourist information regarding your trip to Budapest and Europe traveling. This website is a complete guide for tourist information Budapest.

The city of Budapest is full of so many options to tour the city and many fun and happening events and programs to be a part of. If you are visiting the city of Budapest then you can experience this grand Hungarian capital in so many different ways and absorb all that it offers by indulging in its various sightseeing tours and much more. So make sure to enthrall in the different opportunities that the city of Budapest can offer. There are various options to tour the grand adventurous city of Budapest these options include some very exciting and thrilling boat tours with breathtaking views, bus tours across the city with so much rich history to absorb, walking tours that allow you to interact with the city streets and city life as you learn so much about it guided by a very kind and helpful tour guide, Segway tours that allow you to explore the city without the exertion of walking on foot all day long, and, of course, the famous Hungary trips which are basically half and full-day excursions in Hungary including tours of Budapest. When visiting the tourist attractions it is completely up to you how you wish to explore the city; you can have a dinner and cruise with live music on a fancy boat tour or have an adventure of your lifetime by touring the city on an exciting waterbus. Whatever option that you opt for, you are sure to enjoy some amazing and absolutely gorgeous sightseeing opportunities across the city of Budapest that cannot be found or enjoyed anywhere else in the whole world. So make sure to have the correct and best tourist information when visiting the city in order to make the most of this wondrous European trip.

To further assist you there are many tourist offices in the city of Budapest so no need to worry and if you have mobile data on the go then just simply take mrticket.hu with you everywhere across Budapest and you will be perfectly fine with amazing tourist information to guide you all you way.

Furthermore, there are these exciting Budapest cards that you can purchase either online or from the travel offices and enjoy many exciting discounts. The Budapest Card is essentially a package of services and discounts for tourists that are traveling to the city of Budapest. The main purpose of the Budapest Card is to provide the tourists with a range of discount services from museums and spas to dining. If you purchase this card it allows you to have unlimited public transport within the city and free entry to a thermal spa, which is considered to be one of the most popular attractions in the city of Budapest. Other than these free services, the Budapest card also offers the tourists a wide range of gastronomy and cultural options at a discounted price.

Buda Castle

Be sure to explore the corridors and halls of this ancient castle and visit the Hungarian National Gallery here. It has so many interesting ancient tales to tell and so much rich history rests on its walls. This is a place to visit when on your European tour and trip across Budapest exploring the various awe-striking sites that it offers.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is a small pedestrian area and the ancient part of the city enriched with history and is home to many historic sites that can be explored on foot. This is a place to venture during your tour of the city of Budapest or else your trip will be left incomplete so make sure to add it on your list.


The Citadel is another site in the old town of Budapest that is basically a u-shaped fortress. This historic site has so many tales to tell and the view of the evening sunset from here is absolutely breathtaking so make sure to plan a sunset visit to the Citadel.

St. Stephen’s Basilica

St Stephen’s Basilica is another prominent tourist attraction of the city of Budapest and is a must-visit to ensure the perfect trip across the city of Budapest and make your tour worthwhile. Make sure to explore this Basilica and indulge in all the interesting history that it offers and then head for a nice local.

Parliament Building

Be sure to add the Parliament building of Budapest on the list of places to explore during your Budapest tour. Visit the building and be awe-struck by the beauty of its amazing architecture. This is simply a must-visit when in the city of Budapest.

Danube River

Explore the Danube River and Danube monument in the city of Budapest during your weekend break in Budapest. The famous Danube River has many sad ancient tales to share and amazingly beautiful views that you must absorb and make the best of your tour across the city. 

Chain Bridge

Chain bridge is another wonder in the city of Budapest. The view of the Danube River and the Parliament building from the Chain Bridge is absolutely glorifying and gorgeous. So make sure to take your camera with you and take some Instagram worthy photographs of this beauty.


Explore the wonderful shopping and entertainment centers of the city of Budapest. You might not be able to enjoy all of the shopping centers of the city but make sure to visit at least a few during your visit and city tour of the awesome Hungarian capital, Budapest. Some of the most popular ones include West End City Center, Arena Mall, Allee Shopping Center and much more.

West End City Center

West End City Center or West End Mall is a huge shopping hub and entertainment center. This is the best place to be during your visit to Budapest in order to enjoy the amazing shopping experience and thrilling fun that the shopping mall offers. This is the most beloved shopping center of the city and is a must-visit to complete your trip.

Restaurants and cafes

Be sure to plan your tour meals wisely in Budapest so that you can enjoy the best restaurants and cafes in the city. There is a restaurant or café in almost every single corner of the city and some of the local food places stand out more than the others. The various eateries in the city of Budapest offer a wide range of cuisines and food options to choose from including many different takes on the local Hungarian cuisine as well as many international cuisines as well. Your tour across the city will remain incomplete if you do not try these unique blends of flavors that the city offers, so make sure to plan your meal properly and indulge in the grand culinary experience that the city of Budapest offers to its tourists and locals alike. Make sure to try the exquisite coffee shops and visit at least one of the many Michelin star restaurants in Budapest.

Central Market Hall

If you are out to enjoy a fun tour in the great city of Budapest then make sure to add Central Market Hall on your list of places to explore and enthrall in. The central market hall is a hall where you can find all sorts of local vendors and store. You can experience local Hungarian grocery shopping and buy many souvenirs. It offers an amazing experience overall and it will add an adventurous shopping experience to your trip to Budapest and allow you to enthrall in the local traditions as well.

So next time that you are in town, make sure to enthrall in all of these wonderful activities and places and explore the city of Budapest and its traditional and historically enriched streets from the inside and out and do not miss out on any of its amazing experiences. And in order to ensure that you do, indeed, enjoy the trip of your lifetime when visiting the amazing city of Budapest, make sure to visit http://www.mrticket.hu/ and be fully guided and equipped with the best tourist information Budapest that you can get in order to have a wholesome tour and a wonderful and fulfilling trip to Budapest.

If you want to know where to buy the best food and drinks in Budapest, this grocery store list is just for you!

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