Rómaifürdő slides – a paradise for the kids

Rómaifürdő: The most venerable spa in Budapest

Budapest is well-known for its sprawling spas and baths, and part of the buzz is due to the rich history of each establishment. Rómaifürdő is a spa of superlatives: it is the oldest and the one of the largest baths in the capital, making it a must-visit during your stay. 

Green everywhere: one reason why locals love Római

A historical recap

While there are prestigious baths and spas in town, there’s nothing quite like Római (literally “Roman”). There’s something romantic about enjoying the calming waters of the very same hot thermal springs Romans carried with their aqueducts over 2 millenia ago. The beach in its current form has only been around for 90 years or so: locals have forgotten about the hot springs for many centuries (or perhaps they were elated with baths like Rudas or Veli Bej), and Római opened its doors only in 1930. With many more popular spas around (Széchenyi, Gellért, or even nearby Pünkösdfürdő, to name a few), Római wasn’t amongst the most popular spots in the city for the next decades. This changed with its renovation in 1964: by splitting the grandiose, over 2000-square meter natural lake in three pools, Római quickly became a favorite for locals. In the early 2000s, the beach was further improved with an array of services, pools, and slides, upgrading it to a full-fledged aquapark.

Római is a beach for all ages
Római is a beach for all ages

Meet the spa

It might be located a little far from the city center, but Római is still your top choice for a getaway trip on a hot summer day. It occupies an almost 5-hectare area, which means that you’ll find a spot on even the most crowded days. While smaller baths like Veli Bej temporarily refuse admission above a certain headcount, Római has definitely no capacity problems.   


As of today, Római has three huge pools. All of them are open-air, so we suggest you visit during the warmer months. Its main pool is filled with 26-27 degree water and has enough space for hundreds to chill in the sweltering heat, but if you prefer a more active way of spending your time, just dip into the 22-degree swimming pool right next to it. And if you visit with kids, you’ll also find a dedicated pool for your little ones.

The main pool is one of the biggest open-air pools in Budapest
The main pool is one of the biggest open-air pools in Budapest


Római isn’t a classical beach in the sense that you won’t find as many wellness services on the premises. They do, however, offer a few things that no other bath can. Their waterpark has five massive slides, with the longest being 119 meters and the craziest (aptly named “Kamikaze”) dropping you from 12 meters on a merely 29-meter slide. And if you’re looking for something calmer, a sauna and a steam cabin welcomes you to soothe your nerves. Római is also known for being a family-friendly beach, so no wonder they have a huge playground, a fitness park, and several courts for playing tennis, basketball, football, or volleyball. 

Fun facts

Unlike its competitors, Római has several eateries on the premises, so you don’t have to spend precious time trying to find a proper meal in the surroundings. If you’d like to learn more about the Roman period of the district, visit the partially open-air Aquincum Museum.

Nearby Acquincum Museum takes you on a time travel back to the Roman era
Nearby Acquincum Museum takes you on a time travel back to the Roman era


Római is probably one of the cheapest spas in town, with tickets costing as low as 3200 HUF (9€). For the full list of prices, check their site here.

Address: Budapest, Rozgonyi Piroska u. 2, 1031

Getting there

Római is a little far from downtown Budapest, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting. Your safest bet is HÉV line 5 (the purple one) from Batthyány tér and then taking a 5-minute walk to the entrance, but you can also take a cab or drive there by yourself. 

The flipside

As you probably have guessed by this point, Római has two major disadvantages. One is its location, which can be circumvented with relative ease; the other is its family-friendly nature. So, if you want to spend a romantic afternoon in a thermal bath, we suggest that you visit the likes of Gellért, Rudas, or Paskál.

Where is Rómaifürdő spa?
Rómaifürdő is on the Buda side of the city, and it’s a 15-minute drive from downtown Budapest.
Is Rómaifürdő a spa or a beach?
Római doesn’t have a waterfront, but it does offer various beach services like slides, vast open-air pools, and beach sports.
Is Rómaifürdő family-friendly?
Rómaifürdő is a family-first beach. Its pools, playgrounds, and parks are all arranged in a way so that even the smallest ones can enjoy their time there.
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