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To Budapest

Charles Bridge, connecting Prague Castle and Old Town

From Budapest to Prague by Train

Traveling from Budapest to Prague by train might not be the cheapest, but the most comfortable choice! The distance and as well the 7-hour long travel is endurable in the first and second class cars, and the night trains also…

The platform of the train to Vienna

From Budapest to Vienna by train

It is easy to get from Budapest to Vienna by train! The Hungarian Railway Company (MÁV) launches direct trains between the two capitals every two hours from Budapest Keleti railway station. At Keleti station there is the M2 and M4…

From Budapest to Prague by bus

It takes about 7 hours to travel from Budapest to Prague by bus, so not only cheap ticket prices but comfortable traveling is also important. This is guaranteed by the high quality onboard services of FlixBus and RegioJet besides their…