The entrance of Habroló
The entrance of Habroló

Habroló Bisztró


There are a few things Budapest is famous for, and its sensational nightlife is certainly one of them: the prices, the venues and the endless possibilities make it irresisitble for locals and tourists alike. This amazing city is home to stunning pubs, nightclubs and bars for those who wish to explore what the night has to offer. One of the hotspot destinations are ruin pubs that started to pop up in the early 2000s and quickly grew in number and popularity. But there is another scene that has gone through a giant transformation in the last 30 years – gay bars, like Habroló Bisztró.

The bar of Habroló Bisztró
The bar of Habroló Bisztró

History of gay bars and Habroló

After the end of socialism in Hungary, lots of things started to change dramatically. Until then, the members of the LGBTQ+ community (most typically gay men) were under surveillance, and when the peaceful transition to a democratic regime began, the gay scene in Budapest started to come to life. Lots of bars opened specifically for a gay audience, and they shortly became popular to everyone.

Budapest has grown into a more and more gay-friendly destination over the years, although there are some things worth keeping in mind. Even though Vienna is only a 3-hour trip away, mentality-wise they’re two different worlds. The older generation of locals in Budapest tend to have more conservative attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community, so it’s advisable to use common sense when it comes to public display of affection outside of gay bars. The younger generation is usually a much more liberal counterpart to this, with a more Western way of thinking.

The entrance of Habroló Bisztró
The entrance of Habroló Bisztró

A glamorous evening at Habroló Bisztró

Budapest has a lot of popular gay bars, but Habroló Bisztró definitely stands out from the list. This vibrant gay bar budapest opened in 2006 and has attracted a huge crowd every evening ever since. It has an old-school buzz and vibe that takes hold of you when you enter. And if you do, you can be sure you’ll have a glamorous evening, surrounded by like-minded people.

Habroló Bisztró is a chic little gay bar, offering a unique experience for anyone looking for a gay night out in Budapest. One of its greatest advantages is its central location – it’s found in the heart of the 5th district, in Szép utca. It’s open daily from 5pm till 5am, so if you feel like having a nice beer at a gay bar after a long day of sightseeing, this is definitely your place. Make sure to check the most up-to-date restrictions on opening hours, though, since due to the COVID-19 pandemic, opening hours may change from week to week. If you’re having trouble with the internet connection to get the latest update, try Budapest WiFi and save yourself the trouble.

Rainbow-colored ornaments at Habroló Bisztró
Rainbow-colored ornaments at Habroló Bisztró

Two floors of endless fun at Habroló Bisztró

The bar truly comes alive after the sun goes down, so be prepared that once you enter, you might find yourself hours later still wanting to stay. The venue has two stories: downstairs you can find the bar with some chairs and a lounge area around it, and upstairs there are two rooms with comfortable sofas and a bit more privacy.

The interior is more towards the old-school style with stone walls and vintage furniture, and it gives you an instant feeling as if you’ve just arrived home. At the bar you can order anything to drink from draft beers to handcrafted cocktails at a reasonable price. You could even come up with your own cocktail on the spot, and the bartender will be happy to make it for you. Habroló Biszró also serves popular Hungarian food, something to fill your stomach if you get a bit too lost in those amazing cocktails.

 A delicious cocktail at Habroló Bisztró
A delicious cocktail at Habroló Bisztró

Even though Habroló Bisztró appears to be quite small, it feels so much bigger thanks to its great ambience and well-organized setup. Downstairs is always loud and full of life, and upstairs is much more cozy and relaxed. If you want to meet people and have a taste of how a Hungarian gay night out starts like, then the area next to the bar is your place. If you’d prefer a nice, friendly chat with someone, the upstairs sofas are your best choice.

Events at Habroló Bisztró

And if these are not exciting enough, Habroló Bisztró has regular events to entertain the guests. Usually there are karaoke nights every week, drag variety shows and even retro disco to make your feet move to the rhythm of the music. If it’s a Friday or Saturday evening, at around midnight, some guests may move on to dance the night away at one of the gay parties in town, but if you don’t want to go that wild, don’t worry. Enough people will stay to make Habroló feel crowded and fun for sure.

This wonderful combination of a great environment, nice people, quality food and drinks, and fantastic events are crowned by a very welcoming owner and low prices. No wonder, Habroló Biszró has always been popular, and will definitely give you a night to remember.

One of Habroló Bisztró’s cozy little corners
One of Habroló Bisztró’s cozy little corners

Q & A

Is Habroló Bisztró a gay bar?
Yes, it’s a gay bar, but everyone is welcome here regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Gay bars in Budapest are usually very welcoming and accepting, so you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience at Habroló, too.
What kind of events are there at Habroló?
The events keep changing, but they regularly host karaoke nights for those who believe they have the X in them, or have drunk enough liquid courage to belt out And I am telling you from Dreamgirls. They also have drag variety shows and retro disco nights.
Is there any food at Habroló?
Absolutely. They have snacks and traditional Hungarian food at the bar, so you won’t have to try and hunt down a kebab at 3am on the way home.

Gay bar Budapest – a place where you can enjoy yourself without limit! If you are looking for the best gay bars in the city, check our ultimate list!

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