Vaci Street Budapest

3 Days Budapest Itinerary

3 Days Budapest Itinerary  –  Great and Excellent Venues in The City Budapest is an amazing tourist destination in Europe. Not to mention that it has full of extravagance...

New York Cafe Budaest

New York Café Budapest

New York Café Budapest  –   The Exclusive Venue in the City It is really worth visiting the brilliant and one of the most beautiful buildings in the city center,...

Walking Tours in Budapest

Walking Tours in Budapest

There are many online travel-guide sites that will help you find all of the different available walking tours in Budapest. Using such sites, it should be easy for you to measure their suitability to your needs via previous customer reviews.  This...

Buda Castle

Buda Castle

Visiting the Buda Castle. For the first time is always a memorable experience: looking out from the Fisherman’s Bastion, you find yourself perched high above a modern city, with 'fairytale' towers around you, having walked through beautiful cobble streets...

The Synagogues of Budapest

The Synagogues of Budapest

There are many elements that have gone into making Budapest such a rich, colorful and interesting city. The Synagogues of Budapest are one of them. That vital element has been provided by the city’s Jewish community who have created a...

The Jewish quarter of Budapest

The Jewish quarter of Budapest: District of Contrasts

Four Names for One District In the heart of Budapest, there is a lively district that is a few years into the process of reinventing itself: the former Jewish quarter of Budapest .  Officially, it has two names: Erzsébetváros,...

chain bridge budapest

The Chain Bridge: Iconic Symbol of Progress

The Chain Bridge of Budapest Remains one of the world's most iconic bridges. It appears proud, beautiful, ludicrously robust and practical, and yet utterly romantic all at the same time. Perhaps some of these characteristics reflect the time of...

Liberty Bridge

Liberty Bridge: Unique, Green and Beautiful

A Popular Bridge in Budapest: The Liberty Bridge For some of us, beauty isn’t found in the obvious places.  Sometimes, when visiting a famous museum or a famous city renowned for its architecture, it’s the memory of the lesser-known...

Margit bridge

Margit Bridge: A Bridge with Three Ends?

"As a traveler around Budapest, Margit Bridge is unavoidable." It forms part of the Grand Boulevard (the Nagykörút) that circles most of the center of the city.  As a result, the two busiest and most important tramlines, (Trams 4...

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