Alt text: Angkor-style temple – the most characteristic feature of Aquaworld Resort Budapest
Angkor-style temple – the most characteristic feature of Aquaworld Resort Budapest

Aquaworld Resort Budapest – Dive into a world of fun

Aquaworld is one of Europe’s largest water theme parks featuring 17 pools, 11 slides, as well as its own 4-star hotel and spa.


If this isn’t the first article you read about pools in Budapest, chances are you’re already familiar with the city’s reputation of being the capital of baths. And while we can all agree that chilling in a pool of healing water is sensational, there’s one thing it just can’t compete with: riding the pools of an awesome water theme park, such as Aquaworld Resort Budapest. Aquaworld is one of Europe’s largest indoor water theme parks, featuring 17 pools (including a swimming pool, a surf pool, and a wave pool), 11 thrilling, differently themed slides, and a huge number of attractions and activities for kids. But it doesn’t stop there: Aquaworld also has its own 4-star hotel and a spa and fitness facility, making it the ultimate family-friendly hotel. What’s more, it’s open all year round, so no matter what season you’re visiting in, you’ll have an unforgettable time.

Aquaworld Water Park

Recognized as one of the largest water theme parks in Europe, the water park of Aquaworld Resort Budapest offers unforgettable experiences to adults and children alike. The complex boasts giant waterslides, wave and surf pools, thermal baths, saunas, and a large water playground for children and more – complete with an enormous Angkor-style temple, which gives it a unique tropical vibe. Let’s see what the water park has to captivate its visitors with.

The many pools of Aquaworld

In total, Aquaworld has 17 pools, of which, if that’s not impressive enough already, 15 are open all year round. These pools include a huge indoor pool which is connected to an outdoor pool (both heated), a wave pool, an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, a plunge pool, a surf pool, multiple pools for kids both indoors and outdoors, and a large Jakuzzi. In case you’re wondering, the only pools that close for a few months are the outdoor kids’ pool and swimming pool – these are not in operation from October to mid-April.

Good to know:
  • Showering before going into the pools is compulsory
  • If you want to do some laps while at Aquaworld, be sure to pack a swimming cap – it’s required in the swimming pools

Learn more about Aquaworld’s pools.

The craziest slides in Budapest

Three of Aquaworld Budapest’s many slides
Three of Aquaworld Budapest’s many slides

Aquaworld doesn’t mess around when it comes to water entertainment. With 11 slides ranging in difficulty from easy breezy to “I’ve made a huge mistake”, visitors who wish to make a big splash are spoilt for choice. From open-top, family-friendly rides such as Mountain River or Family Slide to menacingly named tubes of hell like Black Hole and Kamikaze, everyone will find something that suits their mood and desired adrenaline level. Some of the slides require visitors to use a waterpark tube or sliding carpet, but you’ll be able to hop on most without having to hold on to something.

Good to know

Medium and high difficulty slides have a minimum height limitation of 130 and 140 cm (4’3 & 4’6) respectively, so keep this in mind before you get your children all worked up – if they’re shorter than the required height, they might not get to use all the slides

Kids’ World

At Aquaworld, kids have plenty of opportunities to have fun no matter their age or swimming abilities. In addition to kids’ own indoor and outdoor pools and themed slides such as the Jungle and Octopus, the water park has more tricks up its sleeves for children: the Bongo Kids Club playhouse and Aqua Spray Park. While the Bongo Kids Club playhouse keeps youngsters who prefer to stay out of the water occupied with its climbing wall, ball court, obstacle course and more, Aqua Spray Park takes family entertainment to a whole new level: Hungary’s #1 water playground is divided into several sections on a 400 m2 area and boasts cooling shower gates, gargoyles, tilting buckets, and other interactive elements.

Chill at Sauna World

Situated under the Mountain River slide, the aqua park’s Sauna World awaits visitors with wide variety of saunas (Finnish, Russian, Aroma, etc.) and related facilities such as a steam cabin, infra cabin, diving pool, and more, all in a relaxing, harmonious environment.

Please note, however, that admission to Sauna World is not granted with your Aquaworld ticket, so if you’d like to use the services, be prepared to pay either 2400 forints ($8) for 2 hours or 3300 forints ($11) for 3 hours.

Good to know

Sauna users are required to wear towels, sauna sheets, or special sauna clothing while in the cabins.

Click here to see the full list of saunas and facilities.

What else to do at Aquaworld

Now if you’ve read this far, you must be pretty familiar with all that makes Aquaworld an awesome water park – but wait, there’s more! Those who prefer combining fun with trying out new things will be happy to learn that Aquaworld offers diving and surfing courses to its visitors. That’s right, if you aspire to be a surfer or skilled scuba diver once, you can easily acquire the basics at Budapest’s very own water theme park. More information on the diving courses.

Diving classes at Aquaworld Budapest
Diving classes at Aquaworld Budapest

In case you were wondering where you’d have lunch if you came to spend a whole day at Aquaworld, you can stop worrying: the water park has a “Fast & Fine Food Market” self-service restaurant offering traditional and seasonal dishes made from fresh ingredients and a Café & Bar which awaits guests with specialty coffee, cocktails, as well as soft and alcoholic drinks. In addition, Aquaworld’s list of catering units is joined by a grill terrace, an ice cream bar, a Garden Buffet, a pancake bar, and the Cool Bar in the summer. Talk about all-around hospitality.

General info about Aquaworld

When you arrive, you’ll find yourself in the lobby area with several check-in windows. This is where you pay for your entry.

Ticket prices vary based on how long you want to be at Aquaworld. For adults, they’re as follows:

  • 6490 Ft ($22) for all-day admission
  • 4590 Ft ($15) for 3 hours
  • 3990 Ft ($13) for evening hours between 5 and 9 PM
  • 2190 Ft ($7) if you’re only coming for a swim, between 7 and 10 AM

Children’s tickets (ages 3-10) are roughly half of adult ticket prices, and admission is free for children under 3.

When you buy your ticket, you’ll be given a rubber wristband that contains your admission information, as well as opens your assigned locker.

How to get there: Since Aquaworld is pretty far from the city center, getting there by public transport can be a bit tricky. The good news is, however, that Aquaworld has its own free shuttle service running between the bath complex and Heroes’ Square at the following times:

  • Heroes’ Square to Aquaworld: 9.30 AM, 1.30 PM, 4 PM, 6.30 PM
  • Aquaworld to Heroes’ Square: 10 AM, 2 PM, 5 PM, 7 PM

Still, as Aquaworld’s free shuttle service isn’t utterly frequent, you might need to resort to other means, such as taxi or public transportation. Going by taxi is undoubtedly the most convenient option, but convenience comes at a price which, in our case, is $15-20 depending on where your driver picks you up in the city. And if you don’t mind mingling with the locals, you’ll want to hop on either bus 30 or 230 at their departure point, Keleti Railway Station – or even Heroes’ Square if you miss the shuttle. From there, they both serve a long list of stops before they reach Aquaworld (or, in bus 30’s case, a stop called Homoktövis iskola, which is a few minutes of walk from it). Buses 30 and 230 depart at least once every hour, but for exact departure times, head over to the Budapest Public Transportation website.

How can I get to Aquaworld Budapest?
Aquaworld is pretty far from the city center, but there are several ways to get there from downtown Budapest, including the water park’s free shuttle service, public transportation, or hopping in a taxi.
What to do at Aquaworld Budapest?
Aquaworld has 17 pools, 11 slides, a sauna center and plenty of fun activities for children, making it the perfect family-friendly destination.

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